med.groups: Example of medication groups.

med.groupsR Documentation

Example of medication groups.


An example defining 6 medication groups for It is a named character vector, where the names are the medication group unique names (e.g., "Vitamines") and the elements are the medication group definitions (e.g., "(CATEGORY_L2 == 'VITAMINS')"). The definitions are R logical expressions using column names and values that appear in the dataset, as well as references to other medication groups using the construction "NAME".




An object of class character of length 6.


In the above example, "CATEGORY_L2" is a column name in the dataset, and 'VITAMINS' one of its possible values, and which selects all events that have prescribed ATC codes "A11" (aka "VITAMINS"). Another example is "NotVita" defined as "(!Vitamines)", which selects all events that do not have Vitamines prescribed.

For more details, please see the acompanying vignette.

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