get.plotted.partial.cmas: Get info about the plotted partial CMAs.

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get.plotted.partial.cmasR Documentation

Get info about the plotted partial CMAs.


Returns a data.frame where each row contains info about one plotted partial CMA (partial CMAs make sense only for "complex" CMAs, i.e., per episode and sliding windows).


  plot.type = c("baseR", "SVG")[1],
  suppress.warnings = FALSE



Can be either "baseR" or "SVG" and specifies to which type of plotting the mapping applies.


Logical, if TRUE don't show any warnings.


This is intended for advanced users only.


A data.frame that contains info about:

  • the patient ID (pid) to which the partial CMA belongs.

  • the type of partial CMA (see the help for plotting "complex" CMAs).

  • the corners of the whole area covered by the partial CMA plot given as x.region.start, y.region.start, x.region.end and y.region.end.

  • for each element of the partial CMA plot, its area as x.partial.start, y.partial.start, x.partial.end and y.partial.end.

Please note that this contains one row per partial CMA element (e.g., if plotting stacked, one row for each rectangle).

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