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Bioequivalence Study Data Analysis


Analyze bioequivalence study data with industrial strength. Sample size could be determined for various crossover designs, such as 2x2 design, 2x4 design, 4x4 design, Balaam design, Two-sequence dual design, and William design. Basic assumption is that the variable is distributed as a log-normal distribution. This is SAS PROC GLM style. If you want PROC MIXED style, use nlme::lme.


It performs bioequivalency tests for several variables of a 2x2 study in a data file.


Kyun-Seop Bae <>


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# write.csv(NCAResult4BE, "temp.csv", quote=FALSE, row.names=FALSE)
# be2x2("temp.csv", c("AUClast", "Cmax", "Tmax"))

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