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Data: Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI)


A dataset containing items from the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI; an empathy measure). There are 28 variables and 1973 observations




A data frame with 28 variables and 1973 observations (5 point Likert scale)


  • 1 I daydream and fantasize, with some regularity, about things that might happen to me.

  • 2 I often have tender, concerned feelings for people less fortunate than me.

  • 3 I sometimes find it difficult to see things from the "other guy's" point of view.

  • 4 Sometimes I don't feel very sorry for other people when they are having problems.

  • 5 I really get involved with the feelings of the characters in a novel.

  • 6 In emergency situations, I feel apprehensive and ill-at-ease.

  • 7 I am usually objective when I watch a movie or play, and I don't often get completely caught up in it.

  • 8 I try to look at everybody's side of a disagreement before I make a decision.

  • 9 When I see someone being taken advantage of, I feel kind of protective towards them.

  • 10 I sometimes feel helpless when I am in the middle of a very emotional situation.

  • 11 I sometimes try to understand my friends better by imagining how things look from their perspective

  • 12 Becoming extremely involved in a good book or movie is somewhat rare for me.

  • 13 When I see someone get hurt, I tend to remain calm.

  • 14 Other people's misfortunes do not usually disturb me a great deal.

  • 15 If I'm sure I'm right about something, I don't waste much time listening to other people's arguments.

  • 16 After seeing a play or movie, I have felt as though I were one of the characters.

  • 17 Being in a tense emotional situation scares me.

  • 18 When I see someone being treated unfairly, I sometimes don't feel very much pity for them.

  • 19 I am usually pretty effective in dealing with emergencies.

  • 20 I am often quite touched by things that I see happen.

  • 21 I believe that there are two sides to every question and try to look at them both.

  • 22 I would describe myself as a pretty soft-hearted person.

  • 23 When I watch a good movie, I can very easily put myself in the place of a leading character

  • 24 I tend to lose control during emergencies.

  • 25 When I'm upset at someone, I usually try to "put myself in his shoes" for a while.

  • 26 When I am reading an interesting story or novel, I imagine how I would feel if the events in the story were happening to me.

  • 27 When I see someone who badly needs help in an emergency, I go to pieces.

  • 28 Before criticizing somebody, I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in their place.

  • gender "M" (male) or "F" (female)


There are four domains

Fantasy: items 1, 5, 7, 12, 16, 23, 26

Perspective taking: items 3, 8, 11, 15, 21, 25, 28

Empathic concern: items 2, 4, 9, 14, 18, 20, 22

Personal distress: items 6, 10, 13, 17, 19, 24, 27,


Briganti, G., Kempenaers, C., Braun, S., Fried, E. I., & Linkowski, P. (2018). Network analysis of empathy items from the interpersonal reactivity index in 1973 young adults. Psychiatry research, 265, 87-92.



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