Man pages for BatchMap
Software for the Creation of High Density Linkage Maps in Outcrossing Species

add.markerCreates a new sequence by adding markers.
Bonferroni.alphaCalculates individual significance level to be used to...
combine.onemapCombine OneMap datasets
compareCompare all possible orders (exhaustive search) for a given... dataset based on bins
create.dataframe.for.plot.outcrossCreate a dataframe suitable for a ggplot2 graphic
draw.mapDraw a genetic map
drop.markerCreates a new sequence by dropping markers.
est_map_hmm_outC++ routine for multipoint analysis in outcrossing...
example.outData from a full-sib family derived from two outbred parents
find.binsAllocate markers into bins
groupAssign markers to linkage groups
make.seqCreate a sequence of markers
mapConstruct the linkage map for a sequence of markers
map_funcMapping functions Haldane and Kosambi
map.overlapping.batchesMapping overlapping batches
marker.typeInforms the segregation patterns of markers
onemap-internalInternal onemap functions
order.seqSearch for the best order of markers combining compare and...
pick.batch.sizesPicking optimal batch size values a graphic showing the number of markers of each...
plot.onemapDraw a graphic of raw data for any OneMap population
plot.onemap.segreg.testPlot p-values for chi-square tests of expected segregation
print.groupPrint group result
print.onemap.segreg.testPrint segregation test result
print.outcrossPrint read.outcross result
print.rf.2ptsPrint twopoint test result
print.tryPrint try.seq result
pseudo.testcross.splitSplit a dataset into parent-specific subsets
rcdRapid Chain Delineation
read.mapmakerRead data from a Mapmaker raw file
read.onemapRead data from all types of progenies supported by OneMap
read.outcrossRead data from a full-sib progeny (outcrossing populations)
read.outcross2Read data from a full-sib progeny (outcrossing populations)
recordRecombination Counting and Ordering
record.parallelRecombination Counting and Ordering
rf.2ptsTwo-point analysis between genetic markers
ripple.ordUpdate linkage map with alternative orders at all positions
ripple.seqCompares and displays plausible alternative orders for a...
ripple.windowUpdate linkage map with alternative orders at a given...
seeded.mapConstruct the linkage map for a sequence of markers after...
select.segregShow markers with/without segregation distortion
seriationSeriation the default mapping function
suggest.lodSuggests a LOD Score for two point tests
try.seqTry to map a marker into every possible position between...
ugUnidirectional Growth
write.mapWrite a genetic map to a file
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