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Functions to compute Bayes factor hypothesis tests for common research designs and hypotheses.


This package contains function to compute Bayes factors for a number of research designs and hypotheses, including t tests, ANOVA, and linear regression, correlations, proportions, and contingency tables.


Package: BayesFactor
Type: Package
Version: 0.9.12-4.5
Date: 2023-09-21
License: GPL 2.0
LazyLoad: yes

The following methods are currently implemented, with more to follow:

general linear models (including linear mixed effects models): generalTestBF, lmBF

linear regression: regressionBF, lmBF, linearReg.R2stat;

linear correlation: correlationBF;

t tests: ttestBF, ttest.tstat;

meta-analytic t tests: meta.ttestBF

ANOVA: anovaBF, lmBF, oneWayAOV.Fstat;

contingency tables: contingencyTableBF;

single proportions: proportionBF;

linear correlations: correlationBF;

Other useful functions: posterior, for sampling from posterior distributions; recompute, for re-estimating a Bayes factor or posterior distribution; compare, to compare two model posteriors; and plot.BFBayesFactor, for plotting Bayes factor objects.


Richard D. Morey and Jeffrey N. Rouder (with contributions from Tahira Jamil)

Maintainer: Richard D. Morey <>


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## See specific functions for examples.

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