raceDolls: Hraba and Grant (1970) children's doll preference data

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Hraba and Grant (1970) children's doll preference data


Hraba and Grant (1970) describe a replication of Clark and Clark (1947) in which black and white children from Lincoln, Nebraska were shown dolls that were either black or white. They were then asked a series of questions, including "Give me the doll that is a nice doll." This data set contains the frequency of children giving the same-race or different race doll in response to this question.


A matrix with 2 rows and 2 columns. Rows give doll preference; colums give the race of the child.


Hraba, J. and Grant, G. (1970). Black is Beautiful: A reexamination of racial preference and identification. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 16, 398-402.



## chi-square test
## Barely significant with continuity correction

## Bayes factor test (assuming independent binomial sampling plan)
## Very little evidence for the alternative of lack of independence
bf = contingencyTableBF(raceDolls, sampleType = "indepMulti", fixedMargin = "cols")

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