Man pages for BoolNet
Construction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks

attractorsToLaTeXCreate LaTeX state table of attractors
binarizeTimeSeriesBinarize a set of real-valued time series
BoolNet-packageConstruction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks
cellcycleMammalian cell cycle network
chooseNetworkExtract a single Boolean network from a probabilistic Boolean...
examplePBNAn artificial probabilistic Boolean network
fixGenesSimulate knocked-out or over-expressed genes
generateRandomNKNetworkGenerate a random N-K Boolean network
generateStateGenerate a state vector from single gene values
generateTimeSeriesGenerate time series from a network
generationFunctionsGeneration functions for biologically relevant function...
getAttractorsIdentify attractors in a Boolean network
getAttractorSequenceDecode the state sequence of a synchronous attractor
getBasinOfAttractionGet states in basin of attraction
getPathToAttractorGet state transitions between a state and its attractor
getStateSummaryRetrieve summary information on a state
getTransitionProbabilitiesGet a matrix of transitions and their probabilities in...
getTransitionTableRetrieve the transition table of a network
igfBoolean model of the IGF pathway
loadBioTapestryImport a network from BioTapestry
loadNetworkLoad a Boolean network from a file
loadSBMLLoad an SBML document
markovSimulationIdentify important states in probabilistic Boolean networks
perturbNetworkPerturb a Boolean network randomly
perturbTrajectoriesPerturb the state trajectories and calculate robustness...
plotAttractorsPlot state tables or transition graphs of attractors
plotNetworkWiringPlot the wiring of a Boolean network
plotPBNTransitionsVisualize the transitions in a probabilistic Boolean network
plotSequencePlot a sequence of states
plotStateGraphVisualize state transitions and attractor basins
print.AttractorInfoPrint attractor cycles
print.BooleanNetworkPrint a Boolean network
print.MarkovSimulationPrint the results of a Markov chain simulation
print.ProbabilisticBooleanNetworkPrint a probabilistic Boolean network
print.SymbolicSimulationPrint simulation results
print.TransitionTablePrint a transition table
reconstructNetworkReconstruct a Boolean network from time series of...
saveNetworkSave a network
sequenceToLaTeXCreate LaTeX table of state sequences
simplifyNetworkSimplify the functions of a synchronous, asynchronous, or...
simulateSymbolicModelSimulate a symbolic Boolean network
stateTransitionPerform a transition to the next state
symbolicToTruthTableConvert a symbolic network into a truth table representation
testNetworkPropertiesTest properties of networks by comparing them to random...
toPajekExport a network to the Pajek file format
toSBMLExport a network to SBML
truthTableToSymbolicConvert a network in truth table representation into a...
yeastTimeSeriesYeast cell cycle time series data
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