Man pages for CINOEDV
Co-Information based N-Order Epistasis Detector and Visualizer

BatCINOEDVBatch mode for using CINOEDV
CheckVerticeTypeTest Vertice Type
CINOEDV_MainCo-Information based N-Order Epistasis Detector and...
CINOEDV-packageCo-Information based N-Order Epistasis Detector and...
classClass labels of samples
CoInformationCo-Information Computation
CombinationEntropyCombination Entropy Computation
ConstructCompleteGraphConstruct complete graph
DegreeAnalysisDegree analysis of real vertices
EdgesEdges of constructed graphs
EvaluationMeasureEvaluation Measure
ExhaustiveSearchExhaustive Search
FiveEffectInteraction Effects of five-SNP combinations
FourEffectInteraction Effects of four-SNP combinations
HeatMapFactorHeatmap function
InputDataInput data
InstallPackageInstall CINOEDV used packages
NetworkDataCollect vertices and edges for network construction
NormalizationEffectNormalization Effect
NotationNameNotation of real SNP Name
PlotTopEffectsPlot top n effects with their corresponding SNPs or...
PSOSearchPSO Search
ptsSNP data
SingleEffectMain Effects of SNPs
SubgraphSplitSplit subgraphs
TestMaxOrderTest the parameter MaxOrder
TestNumberThresholdTest the parameter NumberThreshold
TestPSOParametersCheck the PSO parameters
TestRatioThresholdTest the parameter RatioThreshold
TestSNPNameFileTest the parameter TestSNPNameFile
ThreeEffectInteraction Effects of three-SNP combinations
ticStart stopwatch timer
tocRead elasped time from stopwatch
TwoEffectInteraction Effects of two-SNP combinations
VerticesVertices of constructed graphs
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