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Human Resources Data


Datasets HR and HR_test are artificial, generated form the same model. Structure of the dataset is based on a real data, from Human Resources department with information which employees were promoted, which were fired.




a data frame with 10000 rows and 6 columns


Values are generated in a way to: - have interaction between age and gender for the 'fired' variable - have non monotonic relation for the salary variable - have linear effects for hours and evaluation.

  • gender - gender of an employee.

  • age - age of an employee in the moment of evaluation.

  • hours - average number of working hours per week.

  • evaluation - evaluation in the scale 2 (bad) - 5 (very good).

  • salary - level of salary in the scale 0 (lowest) - 5 (highest).

  • status - target variable, either 'fired' or 'promoted' or 'ok'.

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