plot.predict_profile: Plot Variable Profile Explanations

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Plot Variable Profile Explanations


Plot Variable Profile Explanations


## S3 method for class 'predict_profile'
plot(x, ...)



an object of the class predict_profile


other parameters


An object of the class ggplot.

Plot options


  • color a character. Either name of a color or name of a variable that should be used for coloring

  • size a numeric. Size of lines to be plotted

  • alpha a numeric between 0 and 1. Opacity of lines

  • facet_ncol number of columns for the facet_wrap

  • variables if not NULL then only variables will be presented

  • variable_type a character. If numerical then only numerical variables will be plotted. If categorical then only categorical variables will be plotted.

  • title a character. Plot title. By default "Ceteris Paribus profile".

  • subtitle a character. Plot subtitle. By default NULL - then subtitle is set to "created for the XXX, YYY model", where XXX, YYY are labels of given explainers.

  • categorical_type a character. How categorical variables shall be plotted? Either "lines" (default) or "bars".

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