loss_yardstick: Wrapper for Loss Functions from the yardstick Package

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Wrapper for Loss Functions from the yardstick Package


The yardstick package provides many auxiliary functions for calculating the predictive performance of the model. However, they have an interface that is consistent with the tidyverse philosophy. The loss_yardstick function adapts loss functions from the yardstick package to functions understood by DALEX. Type compatibility for y-values and for predictions must be guaranteed by the user.


loss_yardstick(loss, reverse = FALSE, reference = 1)



loss function from the yardstick package


shall the metric be reversed? for loss metrics lower values are better. reverse = TRUE is useful for accuracy-like metrics


if the metric is reverse then it is calculated as reference - loss. The default value is 1.


loss function that can be used in the model_parts function


 titanic_glm_model <- glm(survived~., data = titanic_imputed, family = "binomial")
 explainer_glm <- DALEX::explain(titanic_glm_model,
                                 data = titanic_imputed[,-8],
                                 y = factor(titanic_imputed$survived))
 # See the 'How to use DALEX with the yardstick package' vignette
 # which explains this model with measures implemented in the 'yardstick' package

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