Man pages for DALEX
moDel Agnostic Language for Exploration and eXplanation

apartmentsApartments Data
colors_drwhyDrWhy color palettes for ggplot objects
covidData for early COVID mortality
dragonsDragon Data
explainCreate Model Explainer
fifaFIFA 20 preprocessed data
happinessWorld Happiness Report data
HRHuman Resources Data
install_dependenciesInstall all dependencies for the DALEX package
loss_functionsCalculate Loss Functions
loss_yardstickWrapper for Loss Functions from the yardstick Package
model_diagnosticsDataset Level Model Diagnostics
model_infoExract info from model
model_partsDataset Level Variable Importance as Change in Loss Function...
model_performanceDataset Level Model Performance Measures
model_profileDataset Level Variable Profile as Partial Dependence or...
plot.listPlot List of Explanations
plot.model_diagnosticsPlot Dataset Level Model Diagnostics
plot.model_partsPlot Variable Importance Explanations
plot.model_performancePlot Dataset Level Model Performance Explanations
plot.model_profilePlot Dataset Level Model Profile Explanations
plot.predict_diagnosticsPlot Instance Level Residual Diagnostics
plot.predict_partsPlot Variable Attribution Explanations
plot.predict_profilePlot Variable Profile Explanations
plot.shap_aggregatedPlot Generic for Break Down Objects
predictPredictions for the Explainer
predict_diagnosticsInstance Level Residual Diagnostics
predict_partsInstance Level Parts of the Model Predictions
predict_profileInstance Level Profile as Ceteris Paribus
print.descriptionPrint Natural Language Descriptions
print.explainerPrint Explainer Summary
print.model_diagnosticsPrint Dataset Level Model Diagnostics
print.model_infoPrint model_info
print.model_performancePrint Dataset Level Model Performance Summary
print.model_profilePrint Dataset Level Model Profile
print.predict_diagnosticsPrint Instance Level Residual Diagnostics
shap_aggregatedSHAP aggregated values
theme_dalexDefault Theme for DALEX plots
theme_drwhyDrWhy Theme for ggplot objects
titanicPassengers and Crew on the RMS Titanic Data
update_dataUpdate data of an explainer object
update_labelUpdate label of explainer object
variable_effectDataset Level Variable Effect as Partial Dependency Profile...
yhatWrap Various Predict Functions
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