plot.model_parts: Plot Variable Importance Explanations

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Plot Variable Importance Explanations


Plot Variable Importance Explanations


## S3 method for class 'model_parts'
plot(x, ...)



an object of the class model_parts


other parameters described below


An object of the class ggplot.

Plot options


  • max_vars maximal number of features to be included in the plot. default value is 10

  • show_boxplots logical if TRUE (default) boxplot will be plotted to show permutation data.

  • bar_width width of bars. By default 10

  • desc_sorting logical. Should the bars be sorted descending? By default TRUE

  • title the plot's title, by default 'Feature Importance'

  • subtitle a character. Plot subtitle. By default NULL - then subtitle is set to "created for the XXX, YYY model", where XXX, YYY are labels of given explainers.

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