transformQuantiles: Transform quantiles to pdf (deprecated)

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Transform quantiles to pdf (deprecated)


The purpose of this function was to transform the DHARMa quantile residuals (which have a uniform distribution) to a particular pdf. Since DHARMa 0.3.0, this functionality is integrated in the residuals.DHARMa function. Please switch to using this function.


transformQuantiles(res, quantileFunction = qnorm, outlierValue = 7)



an object with simulated residuals created by simulateResiduals


optional - a quantile function to transform the uniform 0/1 scaling of DHARMa to another distribution


if a quantile function with infinite support (such as dnorm) is used, residuals that are 0/1 are mapped to -Inf / Inf. outlierValues allows to convert -Inf / Inf values to an optional min / max value.

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