Directional: Directional Statistics

A collection of R functions for directional data analysis.

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AuthorMichail Tsagris, Giorgos Athineou, Anamul Sajib
Date of publication2017-02-27 18:25:48
MaintainerMichail Tsagris <>

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Man pages

acg: MLE of the angular central Gaussian distribution

Arotation: Rotation axis and angle of rotation given a rotation matrix

bic.mixvmf: BIC to choose the number of components in a model based...

circ.cor1: Circurlar correlations between two circular variables

circlin.cor: Circular-linear correlation

circ.summary: Summary statistics for circular data

conc.test: A test for testing the equality of the concentration...

Directional-package: This is an R package that provides methods for the...

dirknn: k-NN algorithm using the arc cosinus distance

dirknn.tune: k-NN algorithm using the arc cosinus distance. Tuning the k...

euclid: Euclidean transformation

euclid.inv: Inverse of the Euclidean transformation

eul2rot: Construct a rotation matrix on SO(3) from the Euler angles.

fb.saddle: Saddlepoint approximations of the Fisher-Bingham...

fishkent: Hypothesis test for von Mises-Fisher distribution over Kent...

f.rbing: Simulating from a Bingham distribution

ggvm: MLE of the geometrically generalised von Mises distribution

group.gof: Goodness of fit test for grouped data

group.vm: Summary statistics for grouped circular data

habeck.rot: Generation of three-dimensional random rotations using...

hcf.aov: Analysis of variance for (hyper-)spherical data

hcf.circaov: Analysis of variance for circular data

kent.contour: Contour plot of the Kent distribution without any data

kent.datacontour: Contour plot of the Kent distribution for some data

kent.logcon: Logarithm of the Kent distribution normalizing constant

kent.mle: MLe of the Kent distribution

knn.reg: k-NN regression with Euclidean or (hyper-)spherical response...

knnreg.tune: Tuning of the k-NN regression with Euclidean or...

kuiper: Uniformity tests for circular data.

lambert: Lambert's equal area projection

lambert.inv: Inverse of Lambert's equal area projection

matrixfisher.mle: Mle of the Matrix Fisher distribution on SO(3)

meandir.test: Test for a given mean direction

mediandir: Fast calculation of the spherical and hyperspherical median

mix.vmf: Mixtures of Von Mises-Fisher distributions

mixvmf.contour: Contour plot of a mixture of von Mises-Fisher distributions...

pvm: Probability density function of the von Mises-Fisher...

quat2rot: Converting an unsigned unit quaternion to rotation matrix on...

rayleigh: Rayleigh's test of uniformity

rbingham: Simulation from a Bingham distribution using any symmetric...

rfb: Simulation of random values from a spherical Fisher-Bingham...

rkent: Simulation of random values from a spherical Kent...

rmatrixfisher: Simulation from a Matrix Fisher distribution on SO(3)

rmixvmf: Random values simulation from a mixture of von Mises-Fisher...

rot2eul: Compute the Euler angles from a rotation matrix on SO(3).

rot2quat: Converting a rotation matrix on SO(3) to an unsigned unit...

rotation: Rotation matrix to rotate a spherical vector along the...

rot.matrix: Rotation matrix from a rotation axis and angle of rotation

rsop: Random sample of matrices in SO(p)

rvmf: Random values simulation from a von Mises-Fisher distribution

rvonmises: Random values simulation from a von Mises distribution

spherconc.test: Test for equality of concentration parameters for spherical...

spher.cor: Spherical-spherical correlation

spher.reg: Spherical-Spherical regression

spml.reg: Circular or angular regression

tang.conc: A test for testing the equality of the concentration...

vec: Unit vector(s) with a given angle

visual.check: Check visually whether matrix Fisher samples is correctly...

vmf: MLE of von Mises-Fisher distribution

vmf.contour: Contour plots of the von Mises-Fisher distribution on the...

vmf.da: Cross validation for estimating the classification rate of a...

vmfda.pred: Prediction of a new observation using discriminant analysis...

vmf.kde: Kernel density estimation for (hyper-)spherical data using a...

vmfkde.tune: Tuning of the bandwidth parameter in the von Mises-Fisher...

vmf.kerncontour: Contour plot of spherical data using a von Mises-Fisher...

vm.kde: Kernel density estimation of circular data with a von Mises...

vmkde.tune: Tuning of the bandwidth parameter in the von Mises kernel for...

wood.mle: MLe of the Wood bimodal distribution on the sphere


acg Man page
Arotation Man page
bic.mixvmf Man page
circ.cor1 Man page
circ.cor2 Man page
circlin.cor Man page
circ.summary Man page
conc.test Man page
Directional-package Man page
dirknn Man page
dirknn.tune Man page
embed.aov Man page
embed.circaov Man page
euclid Man page
euclid.inv Man page
eul2rot Man page
fb.saddle Man page
fishkent Man page
f.rbing Man page
ggvm Man page
group.gof Man page
group.vm Man page
habeck.rot Man page
hcf.aov Man page
hcf.circaov Man page
het.aov Man page
het.circaov Man page
kent.contour Man page
kent.datacontour Man page
kent.logcon Man page
kent.mle Man page
knn.reg Man page
knnreg.tune Man page
kuiper Man page
lambert Man page
lambert.inv Man page
lr.aov Man page
lr.circaov Man page
matrixfisher.mle Man page
meandir.test Man page
mediandir Man page
mediandir_2 Man page
mix.vmf Man page
mixvmf.contour Man page
pvm Man page
quat2rot Man page
rayleigh Man page
rbingham Man page
rfb Man page
rkent Man page
rmatrixfisher Man page
rmixvmf Man page
rot2eul Man page
rot2quat Man page
rotation Man page
rot.matrix Man page
rsop Man page
rvmf Man page
rvonmises Man page
spherconc.test Man page
spher.cor Man page
spher.reg Man page
spml.reg Man page
tang.conc Man page
vec Man page
visual.check Man page
vmf Man page
vmf.contour Man page
vmf.da Man page
vmfda.pred Man page
vmf.kde Man page
vmfkde.tune Man page
vmf.kerncontour Man page
vm.kde Man page
vmkde.tune Man page
watson Man page
wood.mle Man page


R/circ.summary.R R/embed.aov.R R/rot.matrix.R R/group.gof.R R/circ.cor1.R R/wood.mle.R R/rot2eul.R R/vmfkde.tune.R R/lambert.R R/vmfda.pred.R R/meandir.test.R R/kent.mle.R R/circ.cor2.R R/dirknn.R R/kent.logcon.R R/rot2quat.R R/visual.check.R R/lr.circaov.R R/tang.conc.R R/vmf.contour.R R/quat2rot.R R/eul2rot.R R/kuiper.R R/group.vm.R R/habeck.rot.R R/spher.cor.R R/watson.R R/spml.reg.R R/circlin.cor.R R/vmf.R R/het.aov.R R/vmf.da.R R/spherconc.test.R R/fb.saddle.R R/f.rbing.R R/vmf.kerncontour.R R/vmkde.tune.R R/kent.contour.R R/het.circaov.R R/dirknn.tune.R R/lr.aov.R R/vm.kde.R R/mediandir_2.R R/mediandir.R R/knnreg.tune.R R/matrixfisher.mle.R R/hcf.aov.R R/rmixvmf.R R/mixvmf.contour.R R/rvmf.R R/rbingham.R R/acg.R R/lambert.inv.R R/euclid.R R/rkent.R R/rvnomises.R R/rmatrixfisher.R R/fishkent.R R/rfb.R R/mix.vmf.R R/knn.reg.R R/rsop.R R/bic.mixvmf.R R/vmf.kde.R R/embed.circaov.R R/kent.datacontour.R R/ggvm.R R/conc.test.R R/rotation.R R/spher.reg.R R/Arotation.R R/rayleigh.R R/vec.R R/euclid.inv.R R/pvm.R R/hcf.circaov.R
man/dirknn.Rd man/meandir.test.Rd man/hcf.aov.Rd man/mediandir.Rd man/vec.Rd man/vmfda.pred.Rd man/mixvmf.contour.Rd man/mix.vmf.Rd man/group.gof.Rd man/rot.matrix.Rd man/dirknn.tune.Rd man/rbingham.Rd man/spherconc.test.Rd man/lambert.inv.Rd man/vmf.Rd man/circ.cor1.Rd man/tang.conc.Rd man/vmf.da.Rd man/habeck.rot.Rd man/rot2eul.Rd man/circ.summary.Rd man/vmf.kde.Rd man/matrixfisher.mle.Rd man/bic.mixvmf.Rd man/vmf.kerncontour.Rd man/kent.mle.Rd man/rayleigh.Rd man/rvonmises.Rd man/kent.logcon.Rd man/spml.reg.Rd man/knn.reg.Rd man/spher.reg.Rd man/ggvm.Rd man/vmf.contour.Rd man/acg.Rd man/spher.cor.Rd man/rkent.Rd man/lambert.Rd man/visual.check.Rd man/vmfkde.tune.Rd man/group.vm.Rd man/fishkent.Rd man/fb.saddle.Rd man/euclid.Rd man/wood.mle.Rd man/rmatrixfisher.Rd man/rsop.Rd man/quat2rot.Rd man/kent.datacontour.Rd man/rot2quat.Rd man/rvmf.Rd man/hcf.circaov.Rd man/euclid.inv.Rd man/vm.kde.Rd man/eul2rot.Rd man/conc.test.Rd man/Directional-package.Rd man/f.rbing.Rd man/vmkde.tune.Rd man/circlin.cor.Rd man/Arotation.Rd man/rotation.Rd man/pvm.Rd man/kent.contour.Rd man/rmixvmf.Rd man/kuiper.Rd man/rfb.Rd man/knnreg.tune.Rd

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