EGRET: Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET)

Statistics and graphics for streamflow history, water quality trends, and the statistical modeling algorithm: Weighted Regressions on Time, Discharge, and Season (WRTDS).

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AuthorRobert Hirsch [aut], Laura DeCicco [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-07-27 02:53:18
MaintainerLaura DeCicco <>

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Man pages

as.egret: Create named list for EGRET analysis

blankTime: Deletes the computed values during periods of time when there...

boxConcMonth: Box plot of the water quality data by month

boxConcThree: Three box plots side-by-side

boxQTwice: Two box plots side-by-side, discharge on sample days, and...

boxResidMonth: A box plot of WRTDS residuals by month

calculateMonthlyResults: Calculates monthly values of Q, Conc, Flux, FNConc, and...

censoredSegments: Generic plotting function to create censored line segments

checkStartEndDate: checkStartEndDate

compressData: Compress sample data frame

Constants: Constants included with EGRET

dataOverview: Data Overview for WRTDS

dateFormatCheck: Check date format

EGRET-package: EGRET package includes WRTDS and flowHistory

estCrossVal: Jack-Knife cross validation of the WRTDS (Weighted...

estDailyFromSurfaces: Estimates all daily values of Concentration, Flux,...

estSurfaces: Estimate the three surfaces (for yHat, SE and ConcHat) as a...

fixSampleFrame: Update Sample dataframe

flowDuration: Computes several values of the flow duration curve for...

fluxBiasMulti: Produces 8-panel plot that is useful for determining if there...

fluxBiasStat: Compute the flux bias statistic: (mean of estimated flux -...

fluxUnit-class: fluxUnit class

formatCheckDate: formatCheckDate

formatCheckParameterCd: formatCheckParameterCd

generalAxis: Axis generation for log discharge

genericEGRETDotPlot: Generic EGRET plotting function

getDaily: Get Daily dataframe from EGRET object

getInfo: Get INFO dataframe from EGRET object

getSample: Get Sample dataframe from EGRET object

getSurfaces: Get surfaces matrix from EGRET object

INFOdataframe: Import metadata to create INFO data frame

is.egret: Check for EGRET object

logPretty1: Sets up tick marks for an axis with a log scale, where the...

logPretty3: Sets up tick marks for an axis with a log scale

makeAnnualSeries: Produces annual series of 8 streamflow statistics (and a...

makeAugmentedSample: Create Randomized Residuals and Observations

mergeReport: Merge Sample and Daily Data into EGRET object

modelEstimation: Estimation process for the WRTDS (Weighted Regressions on...

monthLabel-class: monthLabel class

multiPlotDataOverview: Produces a 4 panel plot that gives an overview of the data...

plot15: Makes 15 graphs of streamflow statistics on a single page

plot1of15: plots 1 of the 15 graphs of streamflow statistics on a single...

plotConcHist: Graph of annual concentration and flow normalized...

plotConcPred: Plot of Observed Concentration versus Estimated Concentration

plotConcQ: Plot of Observed Concentration versus Discharge

plotConcQSmooth: Plot up to three curves representing the concentration versus...

plotConcTime: Plot of Observed Concentration versus Time

plotConcTimeDaily: Plot of the time series of daily concentration estimates and...

plotConcTimeSmooth: Plot up to three curves representing the concentration versus...

plotContours: Color contour plot of the estimated surfaces as a function of...

plotDiffContours: Plots the difference between two years from a contour plot...

plotFlowSingle: Creates a plot of a time series of a particular flow...

plotFluxHist: Graph of annual flux and flow normalized flux versus year

plotFluxPred: Graph of observed versus estimated flux

plotFluxQ: Sample data plot: observed log flux vs log discharge

plotFluxTimeDaily: Plot of the time series of daily flux estimates and the...

plotFour: Makes four graphs of streamflow statistics on a single page

plotFourStats: Makes four graphs of annual streamflow statistics on a single...

plotQTimeDaily: Plot of the discharge time series

plotResidPred: Plot of the residuals from WRTDS versus the estimated values...

plotResidQ: Plot of the residuals from WRTDS (in log concentration units)...

plotResidTime: Plot of the residuals from WRTDS (in log concentration units)...

plotSDLogQ: Graph of the standard deviation of the log of daily discharge...

populateConcentrations: Populate Concentration Columns

populateDaily: Populate Daily data frame

populateDateColumns: Populate Date Columns

populateParameterINFO: Populate Parameter Information Columns

populateSampleColumns: Populate Sample Columns

populateSiteINFO: Populate Site Information Columns

print.egret: Prints EGRET object

printFluxUnitCheatSheet: Available Flux Unit properties

printqUnitCheatSheet: Available Flow Unit properties

printSeries: Print annual results for a given streamflow statistic

processQWData: Processing of USGS NWIS Water Quality Data

qUnit-class: qUnit class

readDataFromFile: Basic Data Import for Water Flow Data

readNWISDaily: Import NWIS Daily Data for EGRET analysis

readNWISSample: Import NWIS Sample Data for EGRET analysis

readUserDaily: Import user daily data for EGRET analysis

readUserSample: Import user sample data for EGRET analysis

readWQPSample: Import Sample Data for WRTDS

removeDuplicates: Remove Duplicates

runSurvReg: Run the weighted survival regression for a set of estimation...

sampleData: Example eList

saveResults: A utility program for saving the contents of the workspace...

selectDays: Creates a subset data frame that only contains data for the...

setPA: Sets up the period of analysis

setSeasonLabel: Create a character character that describes the period of...

setSeasonLabelByUser: Creates a character character that describes the period of...

setUpEstimation: setUpEstimation

setupYears: Creates the AnnualResults data frame from the Daily data...

surfaceIndex: Compute the 6 parameters needed to lay out the grid for the...

tableChange: Create a table of the changes in flow-normalized values...

tableChangeSingle: Create a table of the changes in flow-normalized...

tableFlowChange: Prints table of change metrics for a given streamflow...

tableResults: Table of annual results for discharge, concentration and flux

triCube: Tricube weight function

yPretty: Sets up tick marks for an axis for a graph with an arithmetic...


Arkansas_eList Man page
as.egret Man page
blankTime Man page
boxConcMonth Man page
boxConcThree Man page
boxQTwice Man page
boxResidMonth Man page
calculateMonthlyResults Man page
censoredSegments Man page
checkStartEndDate Man page
Choptank_eList Man page
compressData Man page
Constants Man page
dataOverview Man page
dateFormatCheck Man page
EGRET-package Man page
estCrossVal Man page
estDailyFromSurfaces Man page
estSurfaces Man page
fixSampleFrame Man page
flowDuration Man page
fluxBiasMulti Man page
fluxBiasStat Man page
fluxConst Man page
fluxUnit-class Man page
formatCheckDate Man page
formatCheckParameterCd Man page
generalAxis Man page
genericEGRETDotPlot Man page
getDaily Man page
getDaily.default Man page
getDaily.egret Man page
getInfo Man page
getInfo.default Man page
getInfo.egret Man page
getSample Man page
getSample.default Man page
getSurfaces Man page
getSurfaces.default Man page
getSurfaces.egret Man page
INFOdataframe Man page
is.egret Man page
logPretty1 Man page
logPretty3 Man page
makeAnnualSeries Man page
makeAugmentedSample Man page
mergeReport Man page
modelEstimation Man page
monthInfo Man page
monthLabel-class Man page
multiPlotDataOverview Man page
plot15 Man page
plot1of15 Man page
plotConcHist Man page
plotConcPred Man page
plotConcQ Man page
plotConcQSmooth Man page
plotConcTime Man page
plotConcTimeDaily Man page
plotConcTimeSmooth Man page
plotContours Man page
plotDiffContours Man page
plotFlowSingle Man page
plotFluxHist Man page
plotFluxPred Man page
plotFluxQ Man page
plotFluxTimeDaily Man page
plotFour Man page
plotFourStats Man page
plotQTimeDaily Man page
plotResidPred Man page
plotResidQ Man page
plotResidTime Man page
plotSDLogQ Man page
populateConcentrations Man page
populateDaily Man page
populateDateColumns Man page
populateParameterINFO Man page
populateSampleColumns Man page
populateSiteINFO Man page
print.egret Man page
printFluxUnitCheatSheet Man page
printqUnitCheatSheet Man page
printSeries Man page
processQWData Man page
qConst Man page
qUnit-class Man page
readDataFromFile Man page
readNWISDaily Man page
readNWISInfo Man page
readNWISSample Man page
readUserDaily Man page
readUserInfo Man page
readUserSample Man page
readWQPInfo Man page
readWQPSample Man page
removeDuplicates Man page
runSurvReg Man page
saveResults Man page
selectDays Man page
setPA Man page
setSeasonLabel Man page
setSeasonLabelByUser Man page
setUpEstimation Man page
setupYears Man page
surfaceIndex Man page
tableChange Man page
tableChangeSingle Man page
tableFlowChange Man page
tableResults Man page
triCube Man page
yPretty Man page


demo/checkData.R demo/WRTDSanalysis.R demo/FlowHistory.R
R/genericEGRETplot.R R/logPretty3.R R/modelEstimation.R R/printqUnitCheatSheet.R R/makeAnnualSeries.R R/removeDuplicates.r R/readMetaData.r R/populateSampleColumns.r R/readNWISSample.r R/printFluxUnitCheatSheet.R R/plotResidQ.R R/makeRandomResiduals.R R/selectDays.R R/populateDateColumns.r R/logPretty1.R R/readDataFromFile.r R/plotConcQSmooth.R R/processQWData.r R/fluxUnit.R R/plotContours.R R/printSeries.R R/populateConcentrations.r R/triCube.R R/plotFluxQ.R R/censoredSegments.R R/estCrossVal.R R/plotConcTimeDaily.R R/plotConcTimeSmooth.R R/plotFluxHist.R R/tableChangeSingle.R
R/setSeasonLabel.R R/checkStartEndDate.r R/formatCheckDate.r R/plotResidPred.R R/EGRET.R R/tableFlowChange.R R/plotFlowSingle.R R/tableResults.R R/boxResidMonth.R R/boxConcMonth.R R/readWQPSample.R R/multiPlotDataOverview.R R/fixSampleFrame.R R/readUserSample.r R/estSurfaces.R R/plot1of15.R R/plotConcTime.R R/generalAxis.R R/plotDiffContours.R R/fluxBiasEight.R R/plotResidTime.R R/plotFluxTimeDaily.R R/plotFluxPred.R R/plotConcHist.R R/boxQTwice.R R/setSeasonLabelByUser.R R/yPretty.R R/calculateMonthlyResults.R R/compressData.r R/plotFourStats.R R/plotQTimeDaily.R R/readUserDaily.r R/readNWISDaily.r R/populateSiteINFO.r R/tableChange.R R/saveResults.R R/setupYears.R R/surfaceIndex.R R/runSurvReg.R R/formatCheckParameterCd.r R/populateParameterINFO.r R/plotFour.R R/mergeReport.r R/blankTime.R R/dataOverview.r R/fluxBiasStat.R R/objectDefinitions.R R/plot15.R R/flowDuration.R R/plotConcQ.R R/populateDaily.r R/plotSDLogQ.R R/estDailyFromSurfacesJ.R R/setPA.R R/boxConcThree.R R/plotConcPred.R R/dateFormatCheck.r
man/print.egret.Rd man/plotFluxPred.Rd man/triCube.Rd man/setSeasonLabelByUser.Rd man/populateDaily.Rd man/plotConcPred.Rd man/makeAugmentedSample.Rd man/plotResidPred.Rd man/plotSDLogQ.Rd man/dataOverview.Rd man/multiPlotDataOverview.Rd man/plotContours.Rd man/plotConcTimeDaily.Rd man/populateParameterINFO.Rd man/plotFluxQ.Rd man/getInfo.Rd man/fluxUnit-class.Rd man/boxConcThree.Rd man/setupYears.Rd man/mergeReport.Rd man/dateFormatCheck.Rd man/plotConcQ.Rd man/populateSiteINFO.Rd man/tableResults.Rd man/compressData.Rd man/tableFlowChange.Rd man/plotFour.Rd man/monthLabel-class.Rd man/modelEstimation.Rd man/readNWISDaily.Rd man/estDailyFromSurfaces.Rd man/qUnit-class.Rd man/plotConcQSmooth.Rd man/plotConcTimeSmooth.Rd man/populateSampleColumns.Rd man/setPA.Rd man/generalAxis.Rd man/plot1of15.Rd man/plot15.Rd man/Constants.Rd man/getSample.Rd man/boxQTwice.Rd man/censoredSegments.Rd man/tableChange.Rd man/makeAnnualSeries.Rd man/readDataFromFile.Rd man/fluxBiasMulti.Rd man/plotFluxHist.Rd man/printSeries.Rd man/as.egret.Rd man/calculateMonthlyResults.Rd man/selectDays.Rd man/fluxBiasStat.Rd man/is.egret.Rd man/plotConcHist.Rd man/plotResidTime.Rd man/plotFlowSingle.Rd man/boxConcMonth.Rd man/setUpEstimation.Rd man/processQWData.Rd man/populateDateColumns.Rd man/INFOdataframe.Rd man/printFluxUnitCheatSheet.Rd man/populateConcentrations.Rd man/removeDuplicates.Rd man/setSeasonLabel.Rd man/plotDiffContours.Rd man/EGRET-package.Rd man/readUserDaily.Rd man/formatCheckParameterCd.Rd man/getDaily.Rd man/readUserSample.Rd man/plotResidQ.Rd man/readWQPSample.Rd man/printqUnitCheatSheet.Rd man/plotFourStats.Rd man/blankTime.Rd man/getSurfaces.Rd man/yPretty.Rd man/estCrossVal.Rd man/formatCheckDate.Rd man/flowDuration.Rd man/logPretty3.Rd man/genericEGRETDotPlot.Rd man/saveResults.Rd man/surfaceIndex.Rd man/fixSampleFrame.Rd man/boxResidMonth.Rd man/tableChangeSingle.Rd man/estSurfaces.Rd man/plotQTimeDaily.Rd man/logPretty1.Rd man/runSurvReg.Rd man/checkStartEndDate.Rd man/readNWISSample.Rd man/plotFluxTimeDaily.Rd man/plotConcTime.Rd man/sampleData.Rd

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