# read in the example data (generated, not real student data)
sdf <- readNAEP(system.file("extdata/data", "M36NT2PM.dat", package="NAEPprimer"))

# return codebook information for all codebooks in an; commonly use View()

# search both the student and school files, returning levels for variable values
showCodebook(sdf, c("student","school"), labelLevels = TRUE, includeRecodes = FALSE)

# return codebook information for the student file, excluding variable value levels,
# including recoded variables
sdf <- recode.sdf(sdf, recode = list(dsex = list(from = c("Male"), to = c("MALE"))))
showCodebook(sdf, c("student"), labelLevels = FALSE, includeRecodes = TRUE)

# return codebook information for the student file, including variable value levels
# and recoded variables
showCodebook(sdf, c("student","school"), labelLevels = FALSE, includeRecodes = TRUE)

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