EPA.09.Ex.22.1.VC.df: Vinyl Chloride Concentrations from Example 22-1 of 2009 USEPA...

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Vinyl Chloride (VC) concentrations (ppb) during detection monitoring for two compliance wells. Four years of quarterly measures at each well. Compliance monitoring began with Year 2 of the sampling record.




A data frame with 32 observations on the following 5 variables.


a factor indicating the year of collection


a factor indicating the quarter of collection


a factor indicating the period (background vs. compliance)


a factor indicating the well number


a numeric vector of VC concentrations (ppb)


USEPA. (2009). Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Monitoring Data at RCRA Facilities, Unified Guidance. EPA 530/R-09-007, March 2009. Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery Program Implementation and Information Division. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C. p.22-6.

USEPA. (2010). Errata Sheet - March 2009 Unified Guidance. EPA 530/R-09-007a, August 9, 2010. Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, Program Information and Implementation Division. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

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