ExpDes: Experimental Designs package

Package for analysis of simple experimental designs (CRD, RBD and LSD), experiments in double factorial schemes (in CRD and RBD), experiments in a split plot in time schemes (in CRD and RBD), experiments in double factorial schemes with an additional treatment (in CRD and RBD), experiments in triple factorial scheme (in CRD and RBD) and experiments in triple factorial schemes with an additional treatment (in CRD and RBD), performing the analysis of variance and means comparison by fitting regression models until the third power (quantitative treatments) or by a multiple comparison test, Tukey test, test of Student-Newman-Keuls (SNK), Scott-Knott, Duncan test, t test (LSD) and Bonferroni t test (protected LSD) - for qualitative treatments.

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AuthorEric Batista Ferreira, Portya Piscitelli Cavalcanti, Denismar Alves Nogueira
Date of publication2013-05-07 17:22:18
MaintainerEric Batista Ferreira <eric.ferreira@unifal-mg.edu.br>

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Man pages

ccboot: Multiple comparison: Bootstrap

crd: One factor Completely Randomized Design

duncan: Multiple comparison: Duncan test

est21Ad: Stink bugs in corn: additional treatment

ex: Vines: Split-Plot in Randomized Blocks Design

ex1: Yacon: CRD

ex2: Food bars: RBD

ex3: Forage: LSD

ex4: Composting: Doble Factorial scheme in CRD

ex5: Food bars: Double Factorial scheme in RBD

ex6: Fictional data 1

ex7: Height of corn plants 21 days after emergence.

ex8: Composting: double factorial scheme plus one additional...

ex9: Vegetated: Split-plot in CRD

ExpDes-package: Experimental Designs package

fat2.ad.crd: Double factorial scheme plus one additional treatment in CRD

fat2.ad.rbd: Double factorial scheme plus one additional treatment in RBD

fat2.crd: Double factorial scheme in CRD

fat2.rbd: Double factorial scheme in RBD

fat3.ad.crd: Triple factorial scheme plus an additional treatment in CRD

fat3.ad.rbd: Triple factorial scheme plus an additional treatment in RBD

fat3.crd: Triple factorial scheme in CRD

fat3.rbd: Triple factorial scheme in RBD

ginv: Generalized inverse

lastC: Setting the last character of a chain

latsd: Latin Square Design

lsd: Multiple comparison: Least Significant Difference test

lsdb: Multiple comparison: Bonferroni's Least Significant...

order.group: Ordering the treatments according to the multiple comparison

order.stat.SNK: Grouping the treatments averages in a comparison with a...

rbd: Randomized Blocks Design

reg.poly: Polinomial Regression

respAd: Fictional data: additional treatment

scottknott: Multiple comparison: Scott-Knott test

secaAd: Composting: additional treatment

snk: Multiple comparison: Student-Newman-Keuls test

split2.crd: Split-plots in CRD

split2.rbd: Split-plots in RBD

tapply.stat: Statistics of data grouped by factors

tukey: Multiple comparison: Tukey's test


ccboot Man page
crd Man page
duncan Man page
est21Ad Man page
ex Man page
ex1 Man page
ex2 Man page
ex3 Man page
ex4 Man page
ex5 Man page
ex6 Man page
ex7 Man page
ex8 Man page
ex9 Man page
ExpDes Man page
ExpDes-package Man page
fat2.ad.crd Man page
fat2.ad.rbd Man page
fat2.crd Man page
fat2.rbd Man page
fat3.ad.crd Man page
fat3.ad.rbd Man page
fat3.crd Man page
fat3.rbd Man page
ginv Man page
lastC Man page
latsd Man page
lsd Man page
lsdb Man page
order.group Man page
order.stat.SNK Man page
rbd Man page
reg.poly Man page
respAd Man page
scottknott Man page
secaAd Man page
snk Man page
split2.crd Man page
split2.rbd Man page
tapply.stat Man page
tukey Man page

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