Man pages for ExpDes
Experimental Designs package

ccbootMultiple comparison: Bootstrap
crdOne factor Completely Randomized Design
duncanMultiple comparison: Duncan test
est21AdStink bugs in corn: additional treatment
exVines: Split-Plot in Randomized Blocks Design
ex1Yacon: CRD
ex2Food bars: RBD
ex3Forage: LSD
ex4Composting: Doble Factorial scheme in CRD
ex5Food bars: Double Factorial scheme in RBD
ex6Fictional data 1
ex7Height of corn plants 21 days after emergence.
ex8Composting: double factorial scheme plus one additional...
ex9Vegetated: Split-plot in CRD
ExpDes-packageExperimental Designs package factorial scheme plus one additional treatment in CRD factorial scheme plus one additional treatment in RBD
fat2.crdDouble factorial scheme in CRD
fat2.rbdDouble factorial scheme in RBD factorial scheme plus an additional treatment in CRD factorial scheme plus an additional treatment in RBD
fat3.crdTriple factorial scheme in CRD
fat3.rbdTriple factorial scheme in RBD
ginvGeneralized inverse
lastCSetting the last character of a chain
latsdLatin Square Design
lsdMultiple comparison: Least Significant Difference test
lsdbMultiple comparison: Bonferroni's Least Significant...
order.groupOrdering the treatments according to the multiple comparison
order.stat.SNKGrouping the treatments averages in a comparison with a...
rbdRandomized Blocks Design
reg.polyPolinomial Regression
respAdFictional data: additional treatment
scottknottMultiple comparison: Scott-Knott test
secaAdComposting: additional treatment
snkMultiple comparison: Student-Newman-Keuls test
split2.crdSplit-plots in CRD
split2.rbdSplit-plots in RBD
tapply.statStatistics of data grouped by factors
tukeyMultiple comparison: Tukey's test
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