Man pages for GeneralizedUmatrix
Credible Visualization for Two-Dimensional Projections of Data

addRowWiseCintern function
CalcUstarmatrixCalculate the U*matrix for a given Umatrix and Pmatrix.
ChainlinkChainlink is part of the Fundamental Clustering Problem Suit...
DefaultColorSequenceDefault color sequence for plots
Delta3DWeightsCintern function
EsomNeuronsAsListConverts wts data (EsomNeurons) into the list form
ExtendToroidalUmatrixExtend Toroidal Umatrix
GeneralizedUmatrixGeneralized U-Matrix for Projection Methods published in...
GeneralizedUmatrix-packageCredible Visualization for Two-Dimensional Projections of...
GeneratePmatrixGenerates the P-matrix
ListAsEsomNeuronsConverts List to WTS
NormalizeUmatrixNormalize Umatrix
plotTopographicMapVisualizes the generalized U-matrix in 3D
sESOM4BMUssimplified ESOM
setdiffMatrixsetdiffMatrix shortens Matrix2Curt by those rows that are in...
TopviewTopographicMapTop view of the topographic map in 2D
trainstepCinternal function for s-esom
UmatrixColormapU-Matrix colors
upscaleUmatrixUpscale a Umatrix grid
XYcoords2LinesColumnsXYcoords2LinesColumns(X,Y) Converts points given as x(i),y(i)...
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