Man pages for HapEstXXR
Multi-Locus Stepwise Regression

allele1to2Convert genotype matrix from two different types
cattCochrane armitage trend test (CATT) for SNP genotypes
coding.baseline.alleleStandardization of coding alleles
dec2binDecimal To Binary Conversion
HapEstXXR-packageMulit-locus stepwise regression (MSR)
itegeppXXRHaplotype estimation routine for single individual data
mafMinor alle frequencies
makeHaploviewInputFileMake Haploview input files
makePlinkInputFileMake PLINK input files
msrMulti-locus stepwise regression
multi.snp.testInternal function used for multi-locus associations tests.
order.familiesOrdering of nuclear family data
powersetGenerating power set of a set
read.dataRead data from different input files
read.haploviewRead a haploview dataset
single.haplotype.testsingle haplotype test
single.snp.testRegression analysis with single SNP genotypes as independent...
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