LW1949: An Automated Approach to Evaluating Dose-Effect Experiments Following Litchfield and Wilcoxon (1949)

The manual approach of Litchfield and Wilcoxon (1949) <http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/96/2/99.abstract> for evaluating dose-effect experiments is automated so that the computer can do the work.

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AuthorJean V. Adams [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-03-20 17:34:16 UTC
MaintainerJean V. Adams <jvadams@usgs.gov>

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Man pages

assessfit: Assess Fit of Dose-Response Curve

coefprobit: Calculate the Coefficients of a Probit Regression Fit

constrain: Constrain Data to a Specified Range

correctval: Predict the Corrected Proportional Effect

dataprep: Prepare Data

estimable: Determine if a Dose-Effect Relation is Estimable

fill: Fill in Missing Values

fitHand: Best Fit Using Estimated Expected Effects

fitlinear: Determine Linear Regression Coefficients from Dose-Effect...

fitLWauto: Best Fit Using Litchfield and Wilcoxon Evaluation of...

fitprobit: Fit a Probit Regression to Dose-Effect Data

fxcat: Define Effect Category

gamtable1: Fit a smooth GAM to Table 1 of Litchfield and Wilcoxon (1949)

invprobit: Convert Probit Scale to Proportions

keeponly: Eliminate Consecutive Extreme Values

LW1949: Automated Litchfield and Wilcoxon (1949) Evaluation of...

LWchi2: Chi-Squared Statistic

LWestimate: Generate Litchfield and Wilcoxon Estimates

LWnomo1: Recreate Litchfield and Wilcoxon's Nomograph No. 1

LWP: User Friendly Evaluation of Dose-Effect Experiments using...

nomoCoord: Find the Coordinate from the Scale of a Nomograph

plotDE: Plot Dose-Effect Experiments

plotDELP: Plot Dose-Effect Experiments

predlinear: Determine the Effective Dose from a Linear Regression Fit

predLines: Add Litchfield and Wilcoxon Predictions to a Plot

predLinesLP: Add Litchfield and Wilcoxon Predictions to a Plot

predprobit: Determine the Effective Dose from a Probit Regression Fit

prettylog: Pretty Breakpoints on Log Scale

probit: Convert Proportions to the Probit Scale

relPotency: Relative Potency of Two Toxins


assessfit Man page
coefprobit Man page
constrain Man page
correctval Man page
dataprep Man page
estimable Man page
fill Man page
fitHand Man page
fitlinear Man page
fitLWauto Man page
fitprobit Man page
fxcat Man page
gamtable1 Man page
invprobit Man page
keeponly Man page
LW1949 Man page
LW1949-package Man page
LWchi2 Man page
LWestimate Man page
LWnomo1 Man page
LWP Man page
nomoCoord Man page
plotDE Man page
plotDELP Man page
predlinear Man page
predLines Man page
predLinesLP Man page
predprobit Man page
prettylog Man page
probit Man page
relPotency Man page

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