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Calculate Pairwise Multiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums Extended

adAllPairsTestAnderson-Darling All-Pairs Comparison Test
adKSampleTestAnderson-Darling k-Sample Test
adManyOneTestAnderson-Darling Many-To-One Comparison Test
algaeAlgae Growth Inhibition Data Set
barPlotPlotting PMCMR Objects
bwsAllPairsTestBWS All-Pairs Comparison Test
bwsKSampleTestMurakami's k-Sample BWS Test
bwsManyOneTestBWS Many-To-One Comparison Test
bwsTrendTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Murakami's BWS Trend...
chaAllPairsNashimotoTestAll-Pairs Comparisons for Simply Ordered Mean Ranksums
chackoTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Chacko's Test)
CochranCochran's distribution
cochranTestCochran Test
cuzickTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Cuzick's Test)
DgrubbsGrubbs D* distribution
doubleGrubbsTestGrubbs Double Outlier Test
dscfAllPairsTestMultiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums
duncanTestDuncan's Multiple Range Test
dunnettT3TestDunnett's T3 Test
dunnettTestDunnett's Many-to-One Comparisons Test
durbinAllPairsTestAll-Pairs Comparisons Test for Balanced Incomplete Block...
durbinTestDurbin Test
frdAllPairsConoverTestConover's All-Pairs Comparisons Test for Unreplicated Blocked...
frdAllPairsExactTestsExact All-Pairs Comparisons Test for Unreplicated Blocked...
frdAllPairsMillerTestsMillers's All-Pairs Comparisons Test for Unreplicated Blocked...
frdAllPairsNemenyiTestsNemenyi's All-Pairs Comparisons Test for Unreplicated Blocked...
frdAllPairsSiegelTestSiegel and Castellan's All-Pairs Comparisons Test for...
frdManyOneDemsarTestDemsar's Many-to-One Test for Unreplicated Blocked Data
frdManyOneExactTestsExact Many-to-One Test for Unreplicated Blocked Data
frdManyOneNemenyiTestNemenyi's Many-to-One Test for Unreplicated Blocked Data
friedmanTestFriedman Rank Sum Test
gamesHowellTestGames-Howell Test
gesdTestGeneralized Extreme Studentized Deviate Many-Outlier Test
goreTestGore Test
GrubbsGrubbs distribution
grubbsTestGrubbs Outlier Test
GSTTestGeneralized Siegel-Tukey Test of Homogeneity of Scales
hartleyTestHartley's Maximum F-Ratio Test of Homogeneity of Variances
johnsonTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Johnson-Mehrotra Test)
jonckheereTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Jonckheere-Terpstra...
kruskalTestKruskal-Wallis Rank Sum Test
kwAllPairsConoverTestConover's All-Pairs Rank Comparison Test
kwAllPairsDunnTestDunn's All-Pairs Rank Comparison Test
kwAllPairsNemenyiTestNemenyi's All-Pairs Rank Comparison Test
kwManyOneConoverTestConover's Many-to-One Rank Comparison Test
kwManyOneDunnTestDunn's Many-to-One Rank Comparison Test
kwManyOneNdwTestNemenyi-Damico-Wolfe Many-to-One Rank Comparison Test
leTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Le's Test)
lsdTestLeast Significant Difference Test
mackWolfeTestMack-Wolfe Test for Umbrella Alternatives
Mandel-hMandel's h Distribution
mandelhTestMandel's h Test According to E 691 ASTM
Mandel-kMandel's k Distribution
mandelkTestMandel's k Test According to E 691 ASTM
manyOneUTestMultiple Comparisons with One Control (U-test)
MTestExtended One-Sided Studentised Range Test
normalScoresAllPairsTestLu-Smith All-Pairs Comparison Normal Scores Test
normalScoresManyOneTestLu-Smith Many-One Comparisons Normal Scores Test
normalScoresTestLu-Smith Normal Scores Test
NPMTestAll-Pairs Comparisons for Simply Ordered Mean Ranksums
osrtTestOne-Sided Studentised Range Test
pageTestPage Rank Sum Test
PentosanPentosan Dataset
plot.mandelPlotting mandel Objects
plot.PMCMRPlotting PMCMR Objects
powerMCTestsPower Simulation for One-Factorial All-Pairs and Many-To-One...
powerOneWayTestsPower Simulation for One-Factorial Single Hypothesis Tests
print.gesdTestgesdTest Printing
print.mandelMandel Printing
print.PMCMRPMCMR Printing
print.powerOneWayPMCMRPowerOneWayPMCMR Printing
print.powerPMCMRPowerPMCMR Printing
print.steelsteel Printing
print.williamswilliams Printing
qPCRqPCR Curve Analysis Methods
quadeAllPairsTestAll-Pairs Comparisons for Unreplicated Blocked Data (Quade's...
scheffeTestScheffe's Test
shirleyWilliamsTestShirley-Williams Test
siegelTukeyTestSiegel-Tukey Rank Dispersion Test
skillingsMackTestSkillings-Mack Test
snkTestStudent-Newman-Keuls Test
spearmanTestTesting against Ordered Alternatives (Spearman Test)
steelTestSteel's Many-to-One Rank Test
summary.gesdTestSummarize an gesdTest Object
summaryGroupGrouped Summary of an PMCMR Object
summary.mandelObject Summary for class '"mandel"'
summary.PMCMRSummarize an PMCMR Object
summary.steelSummarize a steel Object
summary.williamsSummarize an williams Object
tamhaneDunnettTestTamhane-Dunnett Many-to-One Comparison Test
tamhaneT2TestTamhane's T2 Test
troutData from a Dose-Response Experiment with Trouts
tukeyTestTukey's Test
uryWigginsHochbergTestUry, Wiggins, Hochberg Test
vanWaerdenAllPairsTestvan-der-Waerden's All-Pairs Comparison Normal Scores Test
vanWaerdenManyOneTestvan-der-Waerden's Many-One Comparisons Normal Scores Test
vanWaerdenTestvan der Waerden's Normal Scores Test
welchManyOneTTestWelchs's Many-To-One Comparison Test
williamsTestWilliams Trend Test
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