Man pages for QCApro
Advanced Functionality for Performing and Evaluating Qualitative Comparative Analysis

ambiguityAnalyze the Degree of Ambiguity across Research Design...
calibrateCalibrate Raw Data into Configurational Data
d.biodiversityLinkages and Collective Action in Biodiversity Conservation
d.educationImpact of New Public Management Instruments on PhD Education
DeMorganNegate Boolean Expressions using De Morgan's Laws
d.graduateGraduate Student Union Recognition at Research Universities
d.healthTrends in Narrowing Health Inequalities in England
d.homelessOutcomes of Homeless Social Movement Organizations
d.jobsecurityJob Security Regulations in Western Democracies
d.napoleonReception of the Code Napoleon in Germany
d.partybansParty Bans Sub-Saharan Africa
d.representWomen's Representation in Western Democratic Parliaments
d.socialsecurityThe Emergence of the Social Security State
d.stakeholderDecoupling in Response to Stakeholder Pressures
d.transportDeterminants of High Transport Project Acceptance
d.tumorscreenComparing Universal Lynch Syndrome Tumor-Screening Programs
d.urbanExplaining Urban Regimes
eQMCMinimization with Enhanced Quine-McCluskey Algorithm
factorizeFactorize Configurational Expressions
findThFind Calibration Thresholds
implicantMatrixCreate Implicant Matrices
implicIndepTest for Implicational Independence between two Factors
limitedDiversityAnalyze QCA Solution Behaviour under Limited Empirical...
mintermMatrixCreate Minterm Matrices
pofCompute Set-Relational Parameters of Fit
QCApro-internalInternal Functions
QCApro.packageAdvanced Functionality for Performing and Evaluating...
randomDGSBuild a Random Data-Generating Structure
retentionCompute Retention Probabilities of QCA Baseline Solutions
submodelsCompute All Correctness-Preserving Submodels of a QCA...
superSubsetFind Superset and Subset Relations
testTESATesting Schneider and Wagemann's Theory-Guided/Enhanced...
truthTableCreate a Truth Table
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