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d.biodiversity: Linkages and Collective Action in Biodiversity Conservation

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This dataset is from Basurto (2013), who analyzes the determinants of the emergence and endurance of autonomy among local institutions for biodiversity conservation in Costa Rica using fsQCA.




This data frame contains 30 rows (cases) and the following 9 columns (factors):

[ , 1] AU endogenous factor: local autonomy
("1" always, "0" never)
[ , 2] EM exogenous factor: local communal involvement through direct employment
("1" 100 percent, "0" 0 percent)
[ , 3] SP exogenous factor: local direct spending
("1" always, "0" never)
[ , 4] CO exogenous factor: co-management with local or regional stakeholders
("1" present, "0" absent)
[ , 5] CI exogenous factor: degree of influence of national civil service policies
("1" 100 percent civil service employees, "0" 0 percent)
[ , 6] PO exogenous factor: national participation in policy-making
("1" perceived programme influence, "0" no perceived influence)
[ , 7] RE exogenous factor: research-oriented partnerships
("1" many, "0" few)
[ , 8] CN exogenous factor: conservation-oriented partnerships
("1" many, "0" few)
[ , 9] DE exogenous factor: direct support by development organizations
("1" always, "0" never)


Thiem, Alrik: collection, documentation


Alrik Thiem (Personal Website; ResearchGate Website)


Basurto, Xavier. 2013. “Linking Multi-Level Governance to Local Common-Pool Resource Theory using Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Insights from Twenty Years of Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica.” Global Environmental Change 23 (3):573-87. DOI: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2013.02.011.

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