d.jobsecurity: Job Security Regulations in Western Democracies

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This dataset is from Emmenegger (2011), who analyzes the determinants of high job security regulations in Western democracies using fsQCA.




This data frame contains 19 rows (cases) and the following 7 columns (factors):

[ , 1] S exogenous factor: level of statism ("1" high, "0" not high)
[ , 2] C exogenous factor: level of non-market coordination ("1" high, "0" not high)
[ , 3] L exogenous factor: level of labour movement strength ("1" high, "0" not high)
[ , 4] R exogenous factor: level of Catholicism ("1" high, "0" not high)
[ , 5] P exogenous factor: level of religious party strength ("1" high, "0" not high)
[ , 6] V exogenous factor: institutional veto points ("1" many, "0" not many)
[ , 7] JSR endogenous factor: level of job security regulations ("1" high, "0" not high)


Thiem, Alrik: collection, documentation


The row names are the official International Organization for Standardization (ISO) country code elements as specified in ISO 3166-1-alpha-2.


Alrik Thiem (Personal Website; ResearchGate Website)


Emmenegger, Patrick. 2011. “Job Security Regulations in Western Democracies: A Fuzzy Set Analysis.” European Journal of Political Research 50 (3):336-64. DOI: 10.1111/j.1475-6765.2010.01933.x.

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