Man pages for R.filesets
Easy Handling of and Access to Files Organized in Structured Directories

anyNA.GenericDataFileSetChecks whether any of the pathnames are missing
appendFiles.GenericDataFileSetAppends a list of files to a data set
append.GenericDataFileSetAppends one data set to an existing one
as.character.GenericDataFileReturns a short string describing the file
as.character.GenericDataFileSetReturns a short string describing the file set
as.list.GenericDataFileSetReturns the files of the file set
byName.GenericDataFileSetLocates and sets up a file set by its name
byPath.GenericDataFileSetDefines a GenericDataFileSet by searching for files in a...
ChecksumFileThe ChecksumFile class
ChecksumFileSetThe ChecksumFileSet class
ColumnNamesInterfaceThe ColumnNamesInterface class interface
compareChecksum.GenericDataFileCompares the file checksum with the value of the checksum...
copyTo.GenericDataFileSafely copies a file to a new pathname
copyTo.GenericDataFileSetCopies a data set to another directory
Deprecated_and_defunct_objectsDeprecated and defunct objects
dim.GenericTabularFileGets the dimension of data table
dsApplyInPairs.GenericDataFileSetApplies a function to each pair of file in two file sets
equals.GenericDataFileChecks if a file equals another
extract.GenericDataFileSetExtract a subset of the file set
extractMatrix.GenericTabularFileReads one of the columns
findByName.GenericDataFileSetLocates all file sets that match the requested name
fromFile.GenericDataFileDefines a GenericDataFile from a pathname
FullNameInterfaceThe FullNameInterface class interface
GenericDataFileThe abstract GenericDataFile class
GenericDataFileSetThe GenericDataFileSet class
GenericDataFileSetListThe GenericDataFileSetList class
GenericTabularFileThe abstract GenericTabularFile class
GenericTabularFileSetThe GenericTabularFileSet class
getChecksum.GenericDataFileGets the checksum of a file
getChecksum.GenericDataFileSetGenerates a deterministic checksum for an R object
getChecksumObjects.GenericDataFileSetRetrieves objects that uniquely identifying the data set
getColumnNames.ColumnNamesInterfaceGets the column names
getCreatedOn.GenericDataFileGets when the file was created
getDefaultColumnNames.ColumnNamesInterfaceGets the default column names
getDefaultColumnNames.TabularTextFileGets the default column names
getDefaultFullName.FullNameInterfaceGets the default full name
getDefaultFullName.GenericDataFileGets the full name of the file
getDefaultFullName.GenericDataFileSetGets the default full name of the file set
getExtension.GenericDataFileGets the filename extension
getFile.GenericDataFileSetGet a particular file of the file set
getFilename.GenericDataFileGets the filename of the file
getFileSize.GenericDataFileGets the size of a file
getFileType.GenericDataFileGets the file type of a file
getFullName.FullNameInterfaceGets the full name
getHeader.TabularTextFileGets the file header
getLastAccessedOn.GenericDataFileGets when the file was last accessed
getLastModifiedOn.GenericDataFileGets when the file was last modified
getName.FullNameInterfaceGets the name
getNames.GenericDataFileSetGets the names (or fullnames) of the files in the file set
getPath.GenericDataFileGets the path (directory) of the file
getPath.GenericDataFileSetGets the path (directory) of the file set
getPathname.GenericDataFileGets the pathname of the file
getPathnames.GenericDataFileSetGets the pathnames of the files in the file set
getTags.ArgumentsGets and validates tags
getTags.FullNameInterfaceGets the tags
gzip.GenericDataFileCompresses/uncompresses a file
gzip.GenericDataFileSetCompresses/uncompresses a set of files
hasBeenModified.GenericDataFileChecks whether the file has been modified
hasColumnHeader.TabularTextFileChecks if there are column names in the header
hasTags.FullNameInterfaceChecks whether the fullname contains a given set of tag(s)
indexOf.GenericDataFileSetFinds indices of a subset of files
isFile.GenericDataFileChecks if this is an existing file
length.GenericDataFileSetGets the number of files in the set
linkTo.GenericDataFileCreates a symbolic file link
loadRDSReads data from a RDS file
loadToEnvReads data from a RDS file
nbrOfColumns.ColumnNamesInterfaceGets the number of columns
nbrOfLines.TabularTextFileCounts the number of lines in the data file
nbrOfRows.GenericTabularFileGets the number of data rows
nbrOfRows.TabularTextFileCounts the number of data rows
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
RDataFileThe RDataFile class
RDataFileSetThe RDataFileSet class
RdsFileThe RdsFile class
RdsFileSetThe RdsFileSet class
readChecksum.ChecksumFileReads the checksum value
readChecksum.GenericDataFileReads the value of the corresponding checksum file
readColumns.GenericTabularFileReads a subset of the columns as a data frame
readDataFrameReads data from a tabular file
readDataFrame.GenericTabularFileReads the tabular data as a data frame
readDataFrame.TabularTextFileReads the tabular data as a data frame
readDataFrame.TabularTextFileSetReads the tabular data from all files as data frames
readLines.TabularTextFileReads the lines of the data file as strings
renameTo.GenericDataFileRenames/moves a file
R.filesets-packagePackage R.filesets
setColumnNames.ColumnNamesInterfaceSets the column names
setFullName.FullNameInterfaceSets the full name
setName.FullNameInterfaceSets the name part of the fullname
setTags.FullNameInterfaceSets the tags
sortBy.GenericDataFileSetSorts the set
TabularTextFileThe TabularTextFile class
TabularTextFileSetThe TabularTextFileSet class
validate.ChecksumFileAsserts that the checksum matches the checksum of file
validateChecksum.GenericDataFileAsserts that the file checksum matches the one of the...
validate.GenericDataFileValidates the content of a file
validate.GenericDataFileSetValidates all files in the data set
writeChecksum.GenericDataFileWrite the file checksum to a checksum file
writeColumnsToFiles.GenericTabularFileRead each column from a data file and exports it to a...
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