RADami-package: Phylogenetic Analysis of RADseq Data

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This package implements import, export, manipulation, visualization, and downstream (post-clustering) analysis of RADseq data, integrating with the pyRAD package by Deren Eaton. It begins with output from the pyRAD package by Deren Eataon (http://dereneaton.com/software; Eaton and Ree, 2013) and implements many analyses conducted in a recent phylogenetic analysis of oaks (Hipp et al., accepted).


Package: RADami
Type: Package
Version: 1.1-2
Date: 2017-02-10
License: GPL-3


Andrew Hipp

Maintainer: Andrew Hipp <[email protected]>


Eaton D.A.R. & Ree R.H. (2013). Inferring Phylogeny and Introgression using RADseq Data: An Example from Flowering Plants (Pedicularis: Orobanchaceae). Systematic Biolology 62: 689-706.

Hipp A.L., Eaton D.A.R., Cavender-Bares J., Fitzek E., Nipper R. & Manos P.S. 2014. A framework phylogeny of the American oak clade based on sequenced RAD data. PLoS ONE 9: e93975. http://www.dereneaton.com/software/pyrad/

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