Man pages for RBesT
R Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools

ASAnkylosing Spondylitis.
automixfitAutomatic Fitting of Mixtures of Conjugate Distributions to a...
BinaryExactCIExact Confidence interval for Binary Proportion
chains2sampleScrambles the order of a mcmc array object for usage as a...
colitisUlcerative Colitis.
colVarsFast column-wise calculation of unbiased variances
crohnCrohn's disease.
CurryFunctional programming utilities
dBetaBinomialBeta-Binomial Probabilities
decision1SDecision Function for 1 Sample Designs
decision1S_boundaryDecision Boundary for 1 Sample Designs
decision2SDecision Function for 2 Sample Designs
decision2S_boundaryDecision Boundary for 2 Sample Designs
dlink-setTransform Densities with a link function
essEffective Sample Size for a Conjugate Prior
fillFill numeric objects
forest_plotForest Plot
gMAPMeta-Analytic-Predictive Analysis for Generalized Linear...
integrate_density_loginternal function used for integration of densities which...
knnk nearest neighbor algorithm for multi-variate data
likelihoodRead and Set Likelihood to the Corresponding Conjugate Prior
loddsLogit (log-odds) and inverse-logit function.
log_inv_logitNumerically stable log of the inv_logit function
logLik.EMExtract log likelihood from fitted EM objects
mixMixture Distributions
mixbetaBeta Mixture Density
mixcombineCombine Mixture Distributions
mixdiffDifference of mixture distributions
mixdist3Utility function to instantiate 2 parameter mixture...
mixfitFit of Mixture Densities to Samples
mixgammaThe Gamma Mixture Distribution
mixlinktakes x and transforms it according to the defined link...
mixmvnormMultivariate Normal Mixture Density
mixnormNormal Mixture Density
mixplotPlot mixture distributions
mixstanvarMixture distributions as 'brms' priors
oc1SOperating Characteristics for 1 Sample Design
oc2SOperating Characteristics for 2 Sample Design
plot.EMDiagnostic plots for EM fits
plot.gMAPDiagnostic plots for gMAP analyses
pos1SProbability of Success for a 1 Sample Design
pos2SProbability of Success for 2 Sample Design
postmixConjugate Posterior Analysis
preddistPredictive Distributions for Mixture Distributions
predict.gMAPPredictions from gMAP analyses
RBesT-packageR Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools
robustifyRobustify Mixture Priors
SimSumSummarize Arrays
supportSupport of Distributions
uniroot_intFind root of univariate function of integers
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