RBesT-package: R Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools

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The RBesT tools are designed to support in the derivation of parametric informative priors, asses design characeristics and perform analyses. Supported endpoints include normal, binary and Poisson.


For introductory material, please refer to the vignettes which include

The main function of the package is gMAP. See it's help page for a detailed description of the statistical model.

Global Options

Option Default Description
RBesT.MC.warmup 2000 MCMC warmup iterations
RBesT.MC.iter 6000 total MCMC iterations
RBesT.MC.chains 4 MCMC chains
RBesT.MC.thin 4 MCMC thinning
RBesT.MC.control list(adapt_delta=0.99, sets control argument for Stan call
RBesT.MC.ncp 1 parametrization: 0=CP, 1=NCP, 2=Automatic
RBesT.MC.init 1 range of initial uniform [-1,1] is the default
RBesT.MC.rescale TRUE Automatic rescaling of raw parameters
RBesT.verbose FALSE requests outputs to be more verbose
RBesT.integrate_args list(lower=-Inf, arguments passed to integrate for
upper=Inf, intergation of densities

Version History

See NEWS file.


Stan Development Team (2020). RStan: the R interface to Stan. R package version 2.19.3. https://mc-stan.org

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