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Circos 2D Track Plot

RCircos.Adjust.Scatter.ValuesAdjust Scatter Plot Data to Fit the Data Track
RCircos.Area.HighlightHighlight PLot Area Cross One or More Tracks
RCircos.Area.PlotPaint Areas on One Data Track
RCircos.Chromosome.Ideogram.PlotPlot Chromosome Ideogram
RCircos.Clear.TrackErase One or More Data Tracks
RCircos.Clear.Zoom.AreaErase Zoom-in Plot Area
RCircos.Customized.Connection.PlotDraw Connectors between Chromosome Ideogram and Gene Names
RCircos.Customized.Shape.PlotPlot A Customized Shape
RCircos.Data.PointConvert A Genomic Position to An Index of Circos Plot...
RCircos.defaultBasePerUnitsThe Default Base Pair Number of A Circos Unit
RCircos.defaultCharWidthDefault Character With in Circos Unit
RCircos.defaultChromPaddingThe Default Value of GAP in Circos (Chromosome) Unit between...
RCircos.defaultCircosUnitsDefault Circos Units for RCircos
RCircos.defaultTextSizeDefault Character Size of RCircos Plot
RCircos.EnvRCircos Environment
RCircos.Gene.Connector.PlotDraw Connectors between Chromosome Ideogram and Gene Names
RCircos.Gene.Label.DataSample Data for Gene Labels
RCircos.Gene.Name.PlotDraw Gene Names on a Data Track
RCircos.Get.Arrow.ShapeGet Default Coordinates for An Arrow Shape
RCircos.Get.Chromosome.OrderFind the order of Chromosome Names
RCircos.Get.Core.ComponentsMethods to Retrieve RCircos Core Components Used in Current...
RCircos.Get.Data.Point.HeightCalculate the Height of Data in A Track
RCircos.Get.Default.ParametersRetrieve Parameter Values Stored in RCircos Environment
RCircos.Get.Gene.Label.LocationsCalculate Plot Positions for Gene Labels
RCircos.Get.Gene.Name.Plot.ParametersCalculate Parameters for Gene Name Plot
RCircos.Get.Heatmap.Color.ScaleGenerate Color Scales for Heatmap Plot
RCircos.Get.Heatmap.Color.Scale.LocationCalculate X and Y Coordinates for Color Scale
RCircos.Get.Heatmap.Data.ColorsSet Colors for One Track of Heatmap
RCircos.Get.Link.ColorsSet up Colors for Link Lines or Ribbons
RCircos.Get.Paired.Points.PositionsCalcualte Plot Positions for A Genomic Interval
RCircos.Get.Plot.BoundaryCalculate Boundary of A Data Track
RCircos.Get.Plot.ColorsAssign Plot Colors for Non-Link Data Plot
RCircos.Get.Plot.LayersGet the Layer Numbers for Tile Plot
RCircos.Get.Polygon.HeightCalculate the Height of Polygons in A Data Track
RCircos.Get.Single.Point.PositionsCalculate Plot Positions for Genomic Data
RCircos.Get.Start.End.LocationsCalculate Start and End Positions for Plot Data
RCircos.Get.Track.PositionsCalculate Plot Positions for A Data Track
RCircos.Get.Zoom.DataRetriev Subset of Plot Data for Zoom
RCircos.Get.Zoom.RangeRetrieve Genomic Interval from Genomic Data for Zoom Plot
RCircos.heatmapColorsHeatmap Colors Supported by Current Version of RCircos
RCircos.Heatmap.DataSample Data for RCircos Heatmap Plot
RCircos.Heatmap.PlotDraw Heatmap for One Data Track
RCircos.Histogram.DataSample Data for RCircos Histogram Plot
RCircos.Histogram.PlotPlot Histogram for One Data Track
RCircos.Initialize.Plot.ParametersInitialize RCircos Plot Parameters
RCircos.Line.DataSample Data for RCircos Line Plot
RCircos.Line.PlotDraw Lines for One Data Track
RCircos.Link.DataSample Data for RCircos Link Plot
RCircos.Link.LineCalculate x and y Coordinates for a Bezire Curve
RCircos.Link.PlotDraw Link Lines between Two or More Genomic Positions
RCircos.List.Plot.ParametersList RCircos Plot Parameters
RCircos.Mouse.Expr.DataSample Data of Mouse Gene Expression
RCircos.Multiple.Species.Core.ComponentsSetup RCircos Core Components with Multiple Species Genomes
RCircos.Multiple.Species.DatasetCombine Multiple Data Sets form Different Genomes
RCircos-packageCircos-like Plot of Genomic Data
RCircos.paddingConstPadding Distance Constant between Two Chromosomes
RCircos.Parallel.Line.PlotDraw Lines between Two Genomic Positions on Same Chromosome
RCircos.Plot.Heatmap.Color.ScalePlot A Color Scale for Heatmap
RCircos.plotTypesPlot Types Supported by Current RCircos Version
RCircos.Point.PlotPoint Plot for One Data Track
RCircos.Polygon.DataRCircos Polygon Demo Data
RCircos.Polygon.PlotDraw Polygons on One Data Track
RCircos.Pseudo.Ideogram.From.LabelsGenerate A Pseudo Chromosome Ideogram from List of Lables
RCircos.Pseudo.Ideogram.From.TableGenerate Pseudo Chromosome Ideogram from Plot Data Table
RCircos.Rat.Expr.DataSample Data of Rat Gene Expression
RCircos.Reset.Core.ComponentsReset Methods for Modifying RCircos Core Components
RCircos.Ribbon.DataSample Data for RCircos Ribbon Plot
RCircos.Ribbon.PlotDraw Ribbon between Two Genomic Regions
RCircos.Scatter.DataSample Data for RCircos Scatter Plot
RCircos.Scatter.PlotScater Plot for One Data Track
RCircos.Set.Base.Plot.PositionsSetup Base Plot Positions
RCircos.Set.Core.ComponentsInitialize Core Components for RCircos Plot
RCircos.Set.Cytoband.DataSet Chromosome Cytoband Data for Circos Plot
RCircos.Set.Plot.AreaSetup Plot Area for RCircos Plot
RCircos.Set.Zoom.Plot.PositionsSet Position for Zoom-in Plot
RCircos.Sort.Genomic.DataSort Genomic or Ideogram Data
RCircos.Tile.DataSample Data for RCircos Tile Plot
RCircos.Tile.PlotPlot Tiles for One Data Track
RCircos.Track.OutlineDraw Outline for A Data Track
RCircos.Validate.Cyto.InfoValidate Chromosome Ideogram Information
RCircos.Validate.Genomic.DataValidate Genomic Data
RCircos.Validate.Genomic.InfoValidate Genomic Information
RCircos.Validate.Plot.ParametersValidate Plot Parameters
RCircos.Validate.Track.PositionsValidate Track Positions
RCircos.Vertical.Line.PlotDraw Vertical Lines on One Data Track
RCircos.WorkflowA Simple RCircos Plot Workflow
RCircos.Zoom.Area.OutlineDraw Outline for Zoom Plot Area
RCircos.ZoomIn.ChromosomeZoom in One or Partial Chromosome Ideogram
RCircos.ZoomIn.PlotZoomed-in Plot of Small Genomic Region
RCircos.ZoomOut.ChromosomeZoom out Chromosome Ideogram
RCircos.Zoom.Paired.Plot.PositionsCalculate Zoomed Index of Circos Plot Positions for Genomic...
RCircos.Zoom.Single.Plot.PositionsCalculate Zoomed Index of Circos Plot Positions for Single...
UCSC.Baylor.3.4.Rat.cytoBandIdeogramCytoband Information for Rat Chromosome Ideogram
UCSC.HG19.Human.CytoBandIdeogramCytoband Information for Human Chromosome Ideogram
UCSC.HG38.Human.CytoBandIdeogramHuman Chromosome Ideogram Version 38
UCSC.Mouse.GRCm38.CytoBandIdeogramCytoband Inforamtion for Mouse Chromosome Ideogram
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