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Plots 2-4 influence curves to the same model.


S4-Method comparePlot for signature IC,IC has been enhanced compared to its original definition in RobAStBase so that if argument MBRB is NA, it is filled automatically by a call to optIC which computes the MBR-IC on the fly. To this end, there is an additional argument n.MBR defaulting to 10000 to determine the number of evaluation points.


N0 <- NormLocationScaleFamily(mean=0, sd=1)
N0.Rob1 <- InfRobModel(center = N0,
           neighbor = ContNeighborhood(radius = 0.5))

## Don't run to reduce check time on CRAN
## Not run: 
IC1 <- optIC(model = N0, risk = asCov())
IC2 <- optIC(model = N0.Rob1, risk = asMSE())

comparePlot(IC1,IC2, withMBR=TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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