getRadius: Computation of the Optimal Radius for Given Clipping Bound

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Computation of the Optimal Radius for Given Clipping Bound


The usual robust optimality problem for given asGRisk searches the optimal clipping height b of a Hampel-type IC to given radius of the neighborhood. Instead, again for given asGRisk and for given Hampel-Type IC with given clipping height b we may determine the radius of the neighborhood for which it is optimal in the sense of the first sentence.


getRadius(IC, risk, neighbor, L2Fam)



an IC of class "HampIC".


object of class "RiskType".


object of class "Neighborhood".


object of class "L2FamParameter". Can be missing; in this case it is constructed from slot CallL2Fam of IC.


The optimal radius is computed.


Peter Ruckdeschel


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See Also

ContIC-class, TotalVarIC-class


N <- NormLocationFamily(mean=0, sd=1)
nb <- ContNeighborhood(); ri <- asMSE()
radIC <- radiusMinimaxIC(L2Fam=N, neighbor=nb, risk=ri, loRad=0.1, upRad=0.5)
getRadius(radIC, L2Fam=N, neighbor=nb, risk=ri)

## taken from script NormalScaleModel.R in folder scripts
N0 <- NormScaleFamily(mean=0, sd=1)
(N0.IC7 <- radiusMinimaxIC(L2Fam=N0, neighbor=nb, risk=ri, loRad=0, upRad=Inf))
getRadius(N0.IC7, risk=asMSE(), neighbor=nb, L2Fam=N0)
getRadius(N0.IC7, risk=asL4(), neighbor=nb, L2Fam=N0)

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