RSMET: Get Real-Time Meteorological Data in SMET Format

It manages snow and weather local time series as provided by MeteoIO (<>, <>, <>). MeteoIO is a C/C++ Open Source library which "has been designed to accomodate both the needs of carefully crafted simulations for a specific purpose/study and for the needs of operational simulations that run automatically and unattended". It is integrated in physical spatially-distributed models and tackles several issues with weather input/output data. Here a SMET S4 class object is defined and can be imported from/ exported to a SMET ini files of MeteoIO , allowing interoperability from R to MeteoIO and other SMET-compliant software.

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AuthorEmanuele Cordano
Date of publication2016-03-17 13:57:31
MaintainerEmanuele Cordano <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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[ Man page Man page Man page
as.meteoioini Man page
as.meteoioini,character-method Man page
as.meteoioini,list-method Man page
as.meteoioini,meteoioini-method Man page
as.smet Man page
as.smet,character-method Man page
as.smet,data.frame-method Man page
as.smet,list-method Man page
as.smet,smet-method Man page
collapse.smet Man page
Extract Man page
[<-,extract_replacemethod Man page
fields Man page
fields,smet-method Man page
header_attr Man page
meteofrance Man page
meteofranceSynop Man page
meteoioini Man page
meteoioini-class Man page
print Man page
print_meteioini Man page
print.meteoioini Man page
print.smet Man page
pushSmetIntoIni Man page
range Man page
range.smet Man page
show Man page
show_meteioini Man page
show,meteoioini-method Man page
show,smet-method Man page
smet Man page
[<-.smet Man page
[.smet Man page
smet-class Man page
units_multiplier Man page
units_offset Man page

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