Man pages for Rfast
A Collection of Efficient and Extremely Fast R Functions

acg.mleMLE of (hyper-)spherical distributions
AddToNamespaceInsert/remove function names in/from the NAMESPACE file
allbetasSimple linear regressions coefficients
all_equalsEquality of objects
allttestsMatrix with all pairs of t-tests
ancova1Analysis of covariance
ancovasMany ANCOVAs
anova_propregSignificance testing for the coefficients of Quasi binomial...
anova_quasipois.regANOVA for two quasi Poisson regression models
apply.conditionApply to each column a method under condition
ar1Estimation of an AR(1) model
as.Rfast.functionConvert R function to the Rfast's coresponding
bcEstimation of the Box-Cox transformation
beta.mleMLE of distributions defined in the (0, 1) interval
bic.corfsregBIC (using partial correlation) forward regression
bic.fs.regBIC forward regression with generalised linear models
binary_searchBinary search algorithm
boot.ttest2Bootstrap t-test for 2 independent samples
bs.regBackward selection regression
btmprobsFitted probabilities of the Terry-Bradley model
cat.goftestsMany one sample goodness of fit tests for categorical data
check_dataSearch for variables with zero range in a matrix
checkNamespaceCheck Namespace and Rd files
choleskyCholesky decomposition of a square matrix
circlin.corCircular-linear correlation
coeffCoefficient matrices.
colanovasMany Welch's F-tests
colAnyColumn and row-wise Any
colaucsMany area under the curve values
colCumMaxsColum-wise cumulative operations (sum, prod, min, max)
colcvsColumn and row wise coefficients of variation
coldiffsColumn-wise differences
colkurtosisColumn-wise kurtosis and skewness coefficients
colmeansColumn and row-wise means of a matrix
colMinsColumn-wise minimum and maximum of a matrix
colnormal.mleColumn-wise MLE of some univariate distributions
colpoisdisp.testsMany tests for the dispersion parameter in Poisson...
colpoisson.anovasMany ANOVAS for count data with Poisson or quasi Poisson...
colprodsColumn and row-wise products
colrangeColumn and row-wise range of values of a matrix.
colrint.regbxMany random intercepts LMMs for balanced data with a single...
colrow.valueCheck if any column or row is fill with values
colShuffleColumn and row-wise Shuffle
colsumsColumn and row-wise sums of a matrix
colTabulateColumn and row-wise tabulate
colTrueColumn-wise true/false value of a matrix
columnsGet specific columns/rows fo a matrix
colvarcomps.momMany moment and maximum likelihood estimations of variance...
colVarsColumn and row-wise variances and standard deviations of a...
colwatsonsColumn-wise uniformity tests for circular data
col.yuleColumn-wise Yule's Y (coefficient of colligation)
comb_nAll k possible combinations from n elements
cor.fbedFBED variable selection method using the correlation
cor.fsregCorrelation based forward regression.
corpairsCorrelation between pairs of variables
correlsCorrelation between a vector and a set of variables
count_valueRow - Wise matrix/vector count the frequency of a value
covaFast covariance and correlation matrix calculation
cox.poisratCox confidence interval for the ratio of two Poisson...
data.frame.to_matrixConvert a dataframe to matrix
dcorDistance correlation
dcor.ttestHypothesis test for the distance correlation
dcovDistance variance and covariance
design_matrixDesign Matrix
Diag.fillDiagonal Matrix
diri.nr2Fitting a Dirichlet distribution via Newton-Rapshon
dirknnk-NN algorithm using the arc cosinus distance
dirknn.cvCross-Validation for the k-NN algorithm using the arc cosinus...
DistDistance matrix - Sum of all pairwise distances in a distance...
distaDistance between vectors and a matrix - Sum of all pairwise...
dmvnormDensity of the multivariate normal and t distributions
edistEnergy distance between matrices
eel.test1Empirical and exponential empirical likelihood tests for one...
eel.test2Empirical and exponential empirical likelihood tests for two...
eigen.symLimited number of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric...
env.copyDeep copy
exact.ttest2Exact t-test for 2 independent samples
expregsMany exponential regressions
fish.kentHypothesis test for von Mises-Fisher distribution over Kent...
floydFloyd-Warshall algorithm for shortest paths in a directed...
freq.minMinimum and maximum frequencies of a vector
fs.regVariable selection in generalised linear regression models...
ftestMulti-sample tests for vectors
ftestsMany multi-sample tests
g2TestG-square test of conditional indepdence
g2testsMany G-square tests of indepedence
g2Test_univariateMatrix with G-square tests of indepdence
gammamleMLE of continuous univariate distributions defined on the...
gammaregGamma regression with a log-link
gaussian.nbNaive Bayes classifiers
gaussiannb.predPrediction with some naive Bayes classifiers
gchi2TestChi-square and G-square tests of (unconditional) indepdence
geom.regsMany simple geometric regressions.
ginisMany Gini coefficients
glm_logisticLogistic and Poisson regression models
groupSome summary statistics of a vector for each level of a...
HashHash object
hash2listHash object to a list object
hash.findFind the given value in a hash table
hash.listHash - Pair function
hd.eigenEigenvalues in high dimensional principal component analysis
invdir.mleMLE of the inverted Dirichlet distribution
invgauss.regInverese Gaussian regression with a log-link
is_elementFind element
is_integerCheck if values are integers and convert to integer
is.symmetricCheck whether a square matrix is symmetric
jamesJames multivariate version of the t-test
knnk nearest neighbours algorithm (k-NN)
knn.cvCross-Validation for the k-NN algorithm
kruskaltestsMany multi-sample tests
kuiperUniformity tests for circular data
LbetaNatural logarithm of the beta function
LchooseBinomial coefficient and its logarithm
LgammaNatural logarithm of the gamma function and its derivatives.
list.ftestsMany F-tests with really huge matrices
lmfitLinear models for large scale data
LogNatural Logarithm each element of a matrix
logistic.cat1Logistic or Poisson regression with a single categorical...
logistic_onlyMany univariate simple binary logistic regressions
lower_triLower and Upper triangular of a matrix
MadColumn and row-wise mean absolute deviations
mahalaMahalanobis distance
match.coefsColumn-wise matching coefficients
mat.matNumber of equal columns between two matrices
mat.multMatrix multiplication, Cross and Tcross product.
matrnormGenerates random values from a normal and puts them in a...
MedianColumn and row-wise medians of a matrix or median of a...
mediandirFast calculation of the spherical and hyperspherical median
min_maxMinimum and maximum of a vector
multinom.mleMLE for multivariate discrete data
multinom.regMultinomial regression
multinom.regsMany simple multinomial regressions.
mvbetasMany multivariate simple linear regressions coefficients
mv.eeltest1Exponential empirical likelihood for a one sample mean vector...
mv.eeltest2Exponential empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two...
mvkurtosisMultivariate kurtosis
mvnorm.mleMLE of the multivariate (log-) normal distribution
mvt.mleMLE of the multivariate t distribution
negativeApply method to Positive and Negative number
NormNorm of a matrix
normal.mleMLE of continuous univariate distributions defined on the...
normlog.regGaussian regression with a log-link
normlog.regsMany simple regressions for positive valued data
nthColumn and row-wise nth smallest value of a matrix/vector
oddsMany odds ratio tests
odds.ratioOdds ratio and relative risk
omprOrthogonal matching pursuit variable selection
OrderColumn and row-wise Order - Sort Indices
ordinal.mleMLE of the ordinal model without covariates
OuterOuter function
pc.skelThe skeleton of a Bayesian network produced by the PC...
percent.ttestHypothesis test for two means of percentages
percent.ttestsMany hypothesis tests for two means of percentages
permcorPermutation based p-value for the Pearson correlation...
PmaxMinima and maxima of two vectors/matrices and Column-row wise...
poisdisp.testTests for the dispersion parameter in Poisson distribution
poisson.anovaAnalysis of variance with a count variable
poisson.anovasMany analysis of variance tests with a discrete variable
poly.corPolyserial correlation
pooled.covPooled covariance matrix
prop.regQuasi binomial regression for proportions
proptestsMany 2 sample proportions tests
qpois.regQuasi Poisson regression
quasi.poisson_onlyMany univariate simple poisson regressions
racgAngular central Gaussian random values simulation
RankColumn and row-wise ranks
rbingSimulating from a Bingham distribution
rbinghamSimulation of random values from a Bingham distribution with...
read.directoryReading the files of a directory
regressionMany univariate simple linear regressions
rep_colReplicate columns/rows
Rfast-packageA Collection of Efficient and Extremely Fast R Functions
rint.regbxRandom intercepts linear mixed models
rint.regsMany simple linear mixed model regressions
rm.anovaRepeated measures anova
rmdpHigh dimensional MCD based detection of outliers
rm.linesMany regression based tests for single sample repeated...
rmvlaplaceMultivariate Laplace random values simulation
rmvnormMultivariate normal and t random values simulation
RnormSimulation of random values from a normal distribution
RoundRound each element of a matrix/vector
rowMinsRow-wise minimum and maximum of a matrix.
rowTrueRow-wise true value of a matrix
rvmfRandom values simulation from a von Mises-Fisher distribution
rvonmisesRandom values simulation from a von Mises distribution
score.glmsMany score based regressions
sftestsMany Shapiro-Francia normality tests
skewSkewness and kurtosis coefficients
skew.test2Hypothesis testing between two skewness or kurtosis...
SortSort - Integer Sort - Sort a vector coresponding to another
sort_matSorting of the columns-rows of a matrix
sort_uniqueSort and unique
sourceRSource many R files
spat.medSpatial median for Euclidean data
spatmed.regSpatial median regression
spdinvInverse of a symmetric positive definite matrix
spml.regCircular or angular regression
spml.regsMany simple circular or angular regressions
squareformVector allocation in a symmetric matrix
sscovSpatial sign covariance matrix
StackRepresantation of Stack
TableTable Creation - Frequency of each value
tobit.mleMLE of the tobit model
topological_sortTopological sort of a DAG
transposeTranspose of a matrix
ttestMany one sample tests
ttest1One sample t-test for a vector
ttestsMany 2 sample tests tests
twoway.anovasMany two-way ANOVAs
ufactorFast and general represantation of a factor variable
univglmsMany univariate generalised linear regressions
VarVariance (and standard deviation) of a vector
varcomps.momMoment and maximum likelihood estimation of variance...
vm.mleMLE of some circular distributions
weib.regWeibull regression model
which.isIndex of the columns of a data.frame which are a specific...
XopY.sumOperations between two matrices or matrix and vector
yuleYule's Y (coefficient of colligation)
zip.mleMLE of count data
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