Man pages for RstoxData
Tools to Read and Manipulate Fisheries Data

AcousticDataStoX data type AcousticData
AddToStoxBioticAdd variables to StoxBioticData from BioticData
backwardCompatibilityBackward compabitibility actions:
BioticDataStoX data type BioticData
ConvertAcousticConvert AcousticData
ConvertBioticConvert BioticData
ConvertStoxAcousticConvert StoxAcousticData
ConvertStoxBioticConvert StoxBioticData
DataTypesStoX data types of the RstoxData package
DefineTranslationDefine translation
FilterAcousticFilter (raw) Acoustic data
FilterBioticFilter (raw) Biotic data
filterDataRun filter on any StoX related data source
FilterLandingFilter LandingData
FilterStoxAcousticFilter StoxAcoustic data
FilterStoxBioticFilter StoxBiotic data
FilterStoxLandingFilter StoxLanding data
general_argumentsGeneral parameters of RstoxData.
getRstoxDataDefinitionsGet RstoxData definitions
getStoxKeysGet the keys of a StoX format
ICESAcousticConverts 'AcousticData' to 'ICESAcousticData'
ICESAcousticDataStoX data type ICESAcousticData
ICESBioticWrite ICES biotic CSV format file
ICESBioticDataStoX data type ICESBioticData
ICESDatrasWrite ICES DATRAS (NS-IBTS) format file
ICESDatrasDataStoX data type ICESDatrasData
is.LandingDataCheck if argument is LandingData
is.StoxLandingDataCheck if argument is StoxLandingData
lapplyOnCoresRun a function on all elements of x on one or more cores
mapplyOnCoresRun a function on all elements of x on one or more cores
mergeByIntersectMerge two data tables by the intersect of the names
mergeByStoxKeysMerge two data tables by StoX keys
mergeDataTablesMerge list of data tables recursively
MergeStoxAcousticMerge StoxAcousticData
MergeStoxAcousticDataStoX data type MergeStoxAcousticData
MergeStoxBioticMerge StoxBioticData
MergeStoxBioticDataStoX data type MergeStoxBioticData
ModelDataStoX data types of the RstoxData package
parseInterCatchParses InterCatch
ProcessDataProcess data used in estimation models in StoX
processPropertyFormatsDefine the process property formats:
ReadAcousticRead acoustic XML files
ReadBioticRead biotic XML files
readErsFileParses logbooks (ERS)
ReadLandingRead landing XML files
readLssFileParses landings (sales notes)
readXmlFileRead fisheries XML data format file
RedefineStoxBioticRedefine StoxBioticData variables by data from BioticData
ReportICESAcousticReports 'ICESAcousticData' to a csv file for each input...
ReportICESAcousticDataRbind 'ICESAcousticData' to a string matrix.
ReportICESBioticReports 'ICESBioticData' to a csv file for each input...
ReportICESBioticDataRbind 'ICESBioticData' to a string matrix.
ReportICESDatrasReports 'ICESDatrasData' to a csv file for each input...
ReportICESDatrasDataRbind 'ICESDatrasData' to a string matrix.
RstoxDataTools to Read and Manipulate Fisheries Data
setorderv_numericOrder a data.table (by reference) by interpreting characters...
setRstoxPrecisionLevelRound off to number of digits
StoxAcousticConvert AcousticData to StoxAcousticData
StoxAcousticDataStoX data type StoxAcousticData
StoxBioticConvert BioticData to StoxBioticData
StoxBioticDataStoX data type StoxBioticData
stoxFunctionAttributesFunction specification for inclusion in StoX projects
StoxLandingConvert landing data
TranslateAcousticTranslate AcousticData
TranslateBioticTranslate BioticData
TranslateLandingTranslate LandingData
TranslateStoxAcousticTranslate StoxAcousticData
TranslateStoxBioticTranslate StoxBioticData
TranslateStoxLandingTranslate StoxLandingData
TranslationTranslation definition (from file or from table).
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