checkFunEvalsDesignSize: Check funEvals Setting against designSize

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checkFunEvalsDesignSizeR Documentation

Check funEvals Setting against designSize


Checks if the designSize will result in a larger value than funEvals. If so, return an error.


checkFunEvalsDesignSize(x, lower, control, inSpotLoop)



is an optional start point (or set of start points), specified as a matrix. One row for each point, and one column for each optimized parameter.


is a vector that defines the lower boundary of search space. This determines also the dimensionality of the problem.


Boolean indicating whether the check is called from within spotLoop or not


is the objective function. It should receive a matrix x and return a matrix y. In case the function uses external code and is noisy, an additional seed parameter may be used, see the control$seedFun argument below for details.


is a vector that defines the upper boundary of search space.

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