Man pages for TAM
Test Analysis Modules

anova.tamLikelihood Ratio Test for Model Comparisons and...
cfa.extract.itemparsExtracting Item Parameters from a Fitted 'cfa' Object in...
data.cqcMore Datasets and Examples (Similar to ConQuest Examples)
data.ctestSome C-Test Datasets
data.examplesDatasets 'data.ex' in 'TAM' Package
data.fims.Aus.JpnDataset FIMS Study with Responses of Australian and Japanese...
data.geiserDataset from Geiser et al. (2006)
data.gpcmDataset with Ordered Indicators
data.janssenDataset from Janssen and Geiser (2010)
data.mcDataset with Raw and Scored Responses from Multiple Choice...
data.numeracyDataset Numeracy
data.sim.mfrSimulated Multifaceted Data
data.sim.raschSimulated Rasch data
data.timssAusTwnDataset TIMSS 2011 of Australian and Taiwanese Students
DescribeByS3 Method for Descriptive Statistics of Objects
designMatricesGeneration of Design Matrices
doparseParsing a String with 'DO' Statements
IRT.cvCross-Validation of a Fitted IRT Model Item Response Dataset
IRT.drawPVFunction for Drawing Plausible Values
IRT.expectedCounts.tamExtracting Expected Counts
IRT.factor.scores.tamExtracting Factor Scores in 'TAM'
IRT.frequencies.tamObserved and Expected Frequencies for Univariate and...
IRT.informationCurvesItem and Test Information Curve
IRT.irfprob.tamExtracting Item Response Functions
IRT.itemfitRMSD Item Fit Statistics for 'TAM' Objects
IRTLikelihood.cfaIndividual Likelihood for Confirmatory Factor Analysis
IRTLikelihood.cttComputes Individual Likelihood from Classical Test Theory...
IRT.likelihood.tamExtracting Individual Likelihood and Individual Posterior
IRT.linearCFALinear Approximation of a Confirmatory Factor Analysis
IRT.residualsResiduals in an IRT Model
IRT.simulateSimulating Item Response Models
IRT.thresholdThurstonian Thresholds and Wright Map for Item Response...
IRT.truescoreConverts a theta Score into a True Score tau ( theta)
IRT.WrightMapWright Map for Item Response Models by Using the 'WrightMap'...
lavaanify.IRTSlight Extension of the 'lavaan' Syntax, with Focus on Item...
msq.itemfitMean Squared Residual Based Item Fit Statistics (Infit,...
plotDevianceTAMDeviance Plot for 'TAM' Objects
plot.tamPlot Function for Unidimensional Item Response Models
predictExpected Values and Predicted Probabilities for Fitted 'TAM'...
ScaleS3 Method for Standardizations and Transformations of...
tamaanWrapper Function for 'TAM' Language
tamaanifyFunction for Parsing 'TAM' Input
tam.cttClassical Test Theory Based Statistics and Plots
TAM-defunctDefunct 'TAM' Functions
tam_downcodeDowncoding an Item Response Dataset
tam.faBifactor Model and Exploratory Factor Analysis
tam.fitItem Infit and Outfit Statistic
tam_irf_3plItem Response Function for the 3PL Model
tam.jmlJoint Maximum Likelihood Estimation
tam.latregLatent Regression Model
tam.linkingLinking of Fitted Unidimensional Item Response Models in...
tam.mmlTest Analysis Modules: Marginal Maximum Likelihood Estimation
tam.mml.3pl3PL Structured Item Response Model in 'TAM'
tam.modelfitModel Fit Statistics in 'TAM'
tam_NA_patternMissing Data Patterns
tam.npUnidimensional Non- and Semiparametric Item Response Model
TAM-packageTest Analysis Modules
tam.personfitPerson Outfit and Infit Statistics
tam.pvPlausible Value Imputation
tampv2datalistConversion of Plausible Value Object into Datalist
tam.seStandard Error Estimation
tam.thresholdCalculation of Thurstonian Thresholds
TAM-utilitiesUtility Functions in 'TAM'
tam.wleWeighted Likelihood Estimation and Maximum Likelihood...
weighted_StatsDescriptive Statistics for Weighted Data
WLErelReliability Estimation in 'TAM'
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