Man pages for TLdating
Tools for Thermoluminescences Dating

analyse_TL.MAADMAAD protocol for TL dating
analyse_TL.plateauPlateau test function for TL dating
analyse_TL.SARSAR protocol for thermoluminescence dating
calc_TL.LxTxcalculation of the Lx/Tx matrix
calc_TL.MAAD.averageEstimate average additive curves for the MAAD protocol. of the supralinearity value for the MAAD protocol of the palaeodose (Q) with the MAAD protocol
calc_TL.MAAD.separateSeparate the additive and the regenerative curves
calc_TL.plateauEstimate value for plateau test
calc_TL.SAR.fitEstimation of the equivalent dose (ED) value for the SAR...
calc_TL.temperaturecalculate temperature vector
mod_align.peaksAligning the TL peaks
mod_extract.aliquotextract aliquots
mod_extract.preheatExtract preheat
mod_extract.TLExtract TL
mod_remove.aliquotRemove aliquots
mod_remove.preheatRemove preheat
mod_substract.backgroundCreates a new TLum.Analysis object where the background was...
mod_update.dTypemod identify dType
mod_update.errorUpdate the error matrix
plot_align.peaksPlots mod_alignPeaks results
plot_extract.TLplot the TL curves
plot_remove.preheatPlotting of the preheat and TL curves
plot_substract.backgroundPlotting function for mod_substract.background.
plot_TL.MAADplot MAAD result
plot_TL.plateauplot plateau test result
plot_TL.SARplots MAAD results
Risoe.BINfileData2TLum.BIN.FileConvert Risoe.BINfileData object to an TLum.BIN.File object.
RLum.Analysis2TLum.AnalysisConvert RLum.Analysis object to an TLum.Analysis.
script_TL.exportScript for data export
script_TL.importScript for data pretreatment
script_TL.MAADScript for the MAAD protocol
script_TL.plateauScript for the plateau test
script_TL.pretreatmentScript for data pretreatment
script_TL.SAREasy script for the SAR protocol
template_DRAC4brickCreation of a template for use_DRAC4brick input.
template_DRAC4caveCreation of a template for use_DRAC4cave input.
template_DRAC4ceramicCreation of a template for use_DRAC4flint input.
template_DRAC4flintCreation of a template for use_DRAC4flint input.
TLdating-packageTools for Thermoluminescences Dating
TLum.Analysis2RLum.AnalysisConvert RLum.Analysis object to an TLum.Analysis.
TLum.Analysis2TLum.BIN.FileConvert TLum.Analysis object to an TLum.BIN.File object.
TLum.Analysis-classClass '"TLum.Analysis"'
TLum.BIN.File2Risoe.BINfileDataConvert TLum.BIN.File object to an Risoe.BINfileData object.
TLum.BIN.File2TLum.AnalysisConvert TLum.BIN.File object to an TLum.Analysis object.
TLum.BIN.File2TLum.Data.CurveConvert an element from a TLum.BIN.File object into a...
TLum.BIN.File-classClass '"TLum.BIN.File"'
TLum-classClass '"TLum"'
TLum.Data-classClass '"TLum.Data"'
TLum.Data.Curve-classClass '"TLum.Data.Curve"'
TLum.Results-classClass '"TLum.Results"'
use_DRAC4brickCalculation of the dose rate for a brick sample coming from a...
use_DRAC4caveCalculation of the dose rate for a sediment sample coming...
use_DRAC4ceramicCalculation of the dose rate for a ceramic sample
use_DRAC4flintCalculation of the dose rate for a flint
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