TLdating-package: Tools for Thermoluminescences Dating

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A series of functions for thermoluminescence dating using the MAAD or the SAR protocol. This package adds to the R package Luminescence.


Package: TLdating
Type: Package
Version: 0.1.2
Date: 2016-03-01
License: GPL-3



David Strebler, University of Cologne, Germany


Anja Zander, University of Cologne, Germany


Helmut Br<c3><bc>ckner, University of Cologne, Germany
Dominik Brill, University of Cologne, Germany

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Package maintainer
David Strebler, Geographisches Institut, Universitat zu Koeln, Cologne, Germany.

This project is realized in the context of the CRC 806 <e2><80><9c>Our Way to Europe<e2><80><9d> ( which is funded by the German Research foundation (DFG).
The code and the structure of this package is partially based on those from the R package Luminescence version 0.5.1 developed by S. Kreutzer, M. Dietze, C. Burow, M.C. Fuchs, C. Schmidt, M. Fisher and R.K. Smedley.

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