Quant_13B_problem_infoList: Arclength or information parameter list for 24 items from the...

Quant_13B_problem_infoListR Documentation

Arclength or information parameter list for 24 items from the quantitative SweSAT subtest.


The data are for 1000 examinees randomly selected from those who took the 2013 quantitative subtest of the SweSAT university entrance exam. The questions are only the 24 math analysis questions, and each question has four options. The analysis results are after 10 cycles of alternating between estimating surprisal curves and estimating percentile score index values. The objects in list object Quant_13B_problem_infoList are required for plotting results over the arc length or information domain rather the score index domain. This domain is preferred because such plots are invariant with respect to changes in the score index domain. It also has a metric structure so that differences are comparable no matter where they fall within the information domain.




A named list containing eight objects.


The object Quant_13B_problem_parmList is a named list with these members:


The total length of the information domain measured in M-bits, where M is the number of options for a question.


The log derivative functional data object defining a strictly increasing set of arc length values corresponding to set of score index values.


A mesh of equally-spaced values of indefinite integrals of sum of norms of surprisal derivatives.


The N arc length values corresponding to the N estimated score index values assigned to N examinees.


The arc length positions corresponding to the marker percentages 5, 25, 50, 75 and 95.


A vector of score index values resulting from using function monfd with equally spaced arc length values and Sfd.info.


The dimension of the over space containing the surprisal pcurves.

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