metaZfunction: Meta-analysis Z statistic

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The function calculates a meta analysis Z statistic based on an input data frame of Z statistics.


metaZfunction(datZ, columnweights = NULL)



Matrix or data frame of Z statistics (assuming standard normal distribution under the null hypothesis). Rows correspond to genes, columns to independent data sets.


optional vector of non-negative numbers for weighing the columns of datZ.


For example, if datZ has 3 columns whose columns are labelled Z1,Z2,Z3 then ZMeta= (Z1+Z2+Z3)/sqrt(3). Under the null hypothesis (where all Z statistics follow a standard normal distribution and the Z statistics are independent), ZMeta also follows a standard normal distribution. To calculate a 2 sided p-value, one an use the following code pvalue=2*pnorm(-abs(ZMeta) )


Vector of meta analysis Z statistic. Under the null hypothesis this should follow a standard normal distribution.


Steve Horvath

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