analogsea: Interface to 'Digital Ocean'

Provides a set of functions for interacting with the 'Digital Ocean' API at <>, including creating images, destroying them, rebooting, getting details on regions, and available images.

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AuthorScott Chamberlain [aut, cre], Hadley Wickham [aut], Winston Chang [aut], Bob Rudis [ctb], RStudio [cph]
Date of publication2016-11-11 23:11:11
MaintainerScott Chamberlain <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

account: Get account information

action: Retrieve an existing action by action id

actions: List actions across all droplets.

adjectives: Adjectives to use for seeding random word selection when name...

analogsea-package: R client for Digital Ocean

cloud_config: Generate cloud config file.

debian: Helpers for managing a debian droplets.

docklet_create: Docklets: docker on droplets.

docklets_create: Docklets: docker on droplets - create many docklets

domain_create: Create/delete domains.

domain_records: List, create and delete domain records.

domains: Get information on a single domain or all your domains.

do_oauth: Authorize with Digital Ocean.

do_options: Set Digital Ocean options including ssh keys, etc.

droplet: Retrieve a single droplet.

droplet_action: Perform various actions on a droplet.

droplet_actions: Retrieve a droplet action or list all actions associatd with...

droplet_create: Create a new droplet.

droplet_delete: Delete a droplet.

droplet_do_actions: Perform actions on one or more droplets associated with a tag

droplet_execute: Execute R code on a droplet.

droplet_freeze: Freeze/thaw droplets.

droplet_kernels_list: List all available kernels for a droplet.

droplet_modify: Modify a droplet.

droplet_reuse: Reuse a droplet or image by name

droplets: List all available droplets.

droplets_cost: Calculate cost across droplets

droplets_create: Create many new droplets.

droplet_snapshot: Take and restore snapshots.

droplet_ssh: Remotely execute ssh code, upload & download files.

droplet_upgrades_list: List all droplets that are scheduled to be upgraded.

droplet_wait: Wait for a droplet to be ready.

httr-verbs: httr wrappers.

image_actions: Retrieve an action associated with a particular image id.

image_convert: Convert an backup image to a snapshot.

image_delete: Rename/delete an image

images: Get list of images and their metadata, or a single image

image_transfer: Transfer an image to a specified region.

key-crud: Create, update, and delete ssh keys.

keys: List your ssh keys, or get a single key

neighbors: List neighbors

nouns: Nouns to use for seeding random word selection when name not...

pipe: Pipe operator

rate_limit: Rate limit information for the authenticated user.

regions: Get list of regions and their metadata

resize: Resize a droplet by power off, snapshot, and create new...

sizes: Get all the available sizes that can be used to create a...

snapshots: Snapshot operations

standardise_keys: Standardise specification of ssh keys.

tag_create: Create a tag

tag_delete: Delete a tag

tag_rename: Rename a tag

tag_resource: Tag a resource

tag_resource_delete: Untag a resource

tags: List tags

volume-actions: Attach a volume to a droplet

volumes: Block storage operations

words: 1000 words to use for seeding random word selection when name...


\%>\% Man page
account Man page
action Man page
actions Man page
action_wait Man page
adjectives Man page
analogsea Man page
analogsea-package Man page
as.domain Man page
as.domain_record Man page
as.domain_record.domain_record Man page
as.domain_record.list Man page
as.droplet Man page
as.image Man page
as.key Man page
as.snapshot Man page
as.tag Man page
as.url.domain_record Man page
as.volume Man page
cloud_config Man page
debian Man page
debian_add_swap Man page
debian_apt_get_install Man page
debian_apt_get_update Man page
debian_install_r Man page
debian_install_rstudio Man page
debian_install_shiny Man page
docklet_create Man page
docklet_docker Man page
docklet_images Man page
docklet_ps Man page
docklet_pull Man page
docklet_rm Man page
docklet_rstudio Man page
docklet_rstudio_addusers Man page
docklet_run Man page
docklets_create Man page
docklet_shinyapp Man page
docklet_shinyserver Man page
docklet_stop Man page
do_DELETE Man page
do_DELETE_body Man page
do_GET Man page
domain Man page
domain_create Man page
domain_delete Man page
domain_record_create Man page
domain_record_delete Man page
domain_records Man page
domains Man page
do_oauth Man page
do_options Man page
do_POST Man page
do_PUT Man page
droplet Man page
droplet_action Man page
droplet_actions Man page
droplet_backups_list Man page
droplet_change_kernel Man page
droplet_create Man page
droplet_delete Man page
droplet_disable_backups Man page
droplet_do_actions Man page
droplet_download Man page
droplet_enable_backups Man page
droplet_enable_ipv6 Man page
droplet_enable_private_networking Man page
droplet_execute Man page
droplet_freeze Man page
droplet_kernels_list Man page
droplet_modify Man page
droplet_neighbors Man page
droplet_power_cycle Man page
droplet_power_off Man page
droplet_power_on Man page
droplet_reboot Man page
droplet_rebuild Man page
droplet_rename Man page
droplet_reset_password Man page
droplet_resize Man page
droplet_restore Man page
droplet_reuse Man page
droplets Man page
droplets_cost Man page
droplets_create Man page
droplet_shutdown Man page
droplet_snapshot Man page
droplet_snapshots_list Man page
droplet_ssh Man page
droplet_thaw Man page
droplet_upgrade Man page
droplet_upgrades_list Man page
droplet_upload Man page
droplet_wait Man page
httr-verbs Man page
image Man page
image_actions Man page
image_convert Man page
image_delete Man page
image_rename Man page
images Man page
image_transfer Man page
install_r_package Man page
key Man page
key_create Man page
key-crud Man page
key_delete Man page
key_rename Man page
keys Man page
neighbors Man page
nouns Man page
rate_limit Man page
regions Man page
resize Man page
sizes Man page
snapshot Man page
snapshot_delete Man page
snapshots Man page
standardise_keys Man page
summary.droplet Man page
tag Man page
tag_create Man page
tag_delete Man page
tag_rename Man page
tag_resource Man page
tag_resource_delete Man page
tags Man page
volume Man page
volume_action Man page
volume_actions Man page
volume_attach Man page
volume_create Man page
volume_delete Man page
volume_detach Man page
volume_resize Man page
volumes Man page
volume_snapshot_create Man page
volume_snapshots Man page
words Man page


inst/examples/mpg/ui.R inst/examples/mpg/server.R
inst/examples/widgets/ui.R inst/examples/widgets/server.R
tests/testthat/test-domains.R tests/testthat/test-droplet.R tests/testthat/test-do_GET.R tests/testthat/test-as.url.R tests/testthat/test-sizes.R tests/testthat/test-regions.R tests/testthat/test-events.R tests/testthat/test-droplets.R tests/testthat/test-images.R tests/testthat/test-image.R tests/test-all.R
R/docklet_ps_data.R R/onload.R R/droplet-actions.R R/keys.R R/utils.R R/do_oauth.R R/docklets_create.R R/debian.R R/droplets.R R/sizes.R R/volume-actions.R R/droplet_execute.R R/httr.R R/droplet-ssh.R R/globals.R R/cloud_config.R R/droplet_freeze.R R/tags.R R/analogsea-package.R R/droplets_cost.R R/is_port_open.R R/domains.R R/images.R R/droplets_create.R R/droplet.R R/do_options.R R/regions.R R/account.R R/docklet.R R/actions.R R/rate-limit.R R/resize.R R/snapshots.R R/volumes.R R/zzz.R R/droplet_reuse.R R/domain-records.R
man/image_transfer.Rd man/regions.Rd man/tags.Rd man/words.Rd man/pipe.Rd man/droplet.Rd man/droplet_execute.Rd man/droplet_kernels_list.Rd man/volumes.Rd man/key-crud.Rd man/droplet_wait.Rd man/droplet_create.Rd man/rate_limit.Rd man/account.Rd man/keys.Rd man/droplet_action.Rd man/droplet_reuse.Rd man/images.Rd man/action.Rd man/sizes.Rd man/do_options.Rd man/do_oauth.Rd man/adjectives.Rd man/droplets.Rd man/droplet_modify.Rd man/droplet_actions.Rd man/droplet_ssh.Rd man/httr-verbs.Rd man/droplets_cost.Rd man/droplet_upgrades_list.Rd man/droplet_do_actions.Rd man/droplet_delete.Rd man/tag_delete.Rd man/standardise_keys.Rd man/docklets_create.Rd man/docklet_create.Rd man/tag_resource.Rd man/droplet_freeze.Rd man/image_delete.Rd man/analogsea-package.Rd man/tag_resource_delete.Rd man/volume-actions.Rd man/cloud_config.Rd man/resize.Rd man/nouns.Rd man/actions.Rd man/debian.Rd man/tag_rename.Rd man/droplet_snapshot.Rd man/snapshots.Rd man/image_convert.Rd man/image_actions.Rd man/neighbors.Rd man/domain_records.Rd man/domain_create.Rd man/domains.Rd man/tag_create.Rd man/droplets_create.Rd

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