droplet_functions: Functions for DigitalOcean (DO) droplets

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Functions for DigitalOcean (DO) droplets


There's a lot of functions for working with droplets. Here's a breakdown of what they all do.


  • DigitalOcean docs overview: https://developers.digitalocean.com/documentation/

  • DigitalOcean API docs: https://developers.digitalocean.com/documentation/v2/


The main functions for creating/deleting droplets:

  • droplet(): get a droplet object from a droplet ID

  • droplet_create(): create a droplet

  • droplets_create(): create two or more droplets

  • droplet_delete(): delete a droplet

  • droplets(): get your droplets

  • as.droplet(): coerce various things to droplet objects

Modify a droplet:

  • droplet_resize(): resize a droplet to a different size

  • droplet_rebuild(): reinstall a droplet with a different image

  • droplet_rename(): rename a droplet

  • droplet_change_kernel(): change droplet to a new kernel

Take and restore snapshots:

  • droplet_snapshot(): make a snapshot of a droplet

  • droplet_snapshots_list(): list snapshots on a droplet

  • droplet_backups_list(): list droplet backups

  • droplet_restore(): Restore a droplet with a previous image or snapshot

ssh interactions with droplets:

  • droplet_ssh(): Remotely execute code on your droplet via ssh

  • droplet_upload(): Upload files to your droplet via ssh

  • droplet_download(): Download files from your droplet via ssh

Perform various actions on droplets:

  • droplet_actions(): retrieve a droplet action or list all actions associated with a droplet

  • droplet_disable_backups(): Disables backups for a droplet

  • droplet_do_actions(): Perform actions on one or more droplets associated with a tag

  • droplet_enable_backups(): Enables backups for a droplet

  • droplet_enable_ipv6(): Enable IPv6 networking on an existing droplet (within a region that has IPv6 available)

  • droplet_enable_private_networking(): Enable private networking on an existing droplet (within a region that has private networking available)

  • droplet_execute(): Execute R code on a droplet

  • droplet_kernels_list(): List all available kernels for a droplet

  • droplet_neighbors(): List a droplet's neighbors on the same physical server

  • droplet_power_cycle(): power cycle a droplet. will turn off the droplet and then turn it back on

  • droplet_power_off(): Shutdown a running droplet. The droplet will remain in your account and you will continue to be charged for it

  • droplet_power_on(): Turn on a droplet that's turned off

  • droplet_reboot(): reboot a droplet. This is the preferred method to use if a server is not responding

  • droplet_reset_password(): reset the root password for a droplet

  • droplet_reuse(): Reuse a droplet or image by name, creating a new droplet

  • droplet_shutdown(): Shutdown a running droplet. The droplet will remain in your account and you will continue to be charged for it.

  • droplet_upgrade(): Migrate a droplet - NOT SURE IF THIS STILL WORKS OR NOT

  • droplet_upgrades_list(): List all droplets that are scheduled to be upgraded

  • droplet_wait(): Wait for a droplet to be ready. mostly used internally

  • droplets_cost(): Calculate cost across droplets

Freeze/thaw droplets:

  • droplet_freeze(): power off a droplet, snapshots to create an image, and deletes the droplet

  • droplet_thaw(): takes an image and turns it into a running droplet

Working with Docker

We named a DO droplet with the Docker application installed a "docklet" for convienence

The main two functions for creating docklets:

  • docklet_create(): create a docklet (a droplet using the docker image)

  • docklets_create(): create many docklets

Running docker commands on your docklet:

  • docklet_images(): list docker images on your docklet

  • docklet_ps(): list running docker containers

  • docklet_pull(): pull a docker image to your docklet

  • docklet_rm(): remove a docker image from your docklet

  • docklet_run(): run a docker command on your docklet

  • docklet_stop(): stop a running docker container

  • docklet_docker(): low level fxn for running docker commands on your, not realy intended for public use

Install RStudio things:

  • docklet_rstudio(): install RStudio on your docklet using Rocker images (https://hub.docker.com/u/rocker)

  • docklet_rstudio_addusers(): add users to an RStudio docker image

  • docklet_shinyserver(): install Shiny server on your docklet using Rocker images (https://hub.docker.com/u/rocker)

  • docklet_shinyapp(): install a Shiny app on your Shiny server docker container

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