Man pages for apex
Phylogenetic Methods for Multiple Gene Data

accessorsmultidna Accessors
add.gapsAdd gap-only sequences for missing data
apexapex: Extensions of Ape for Multiple Gene Data
concatenateConcatenate genes into a single matrix
dist.multidnaPairwise distances for multiple gene data
getTreeBuild phylogenies from multiple gene data
initialize-multidna-methodmultidna constructor
initialize-multiphyDat-methodmultiphyDat constructor
multidnamultidna: class for multiple gene data
multidna2alignmentConvert from multidna into alignment (seqinr)
multidna2genindConvert multidna into genind
multidna2multiphyDatConversions between multidna and multiphyDat
multiphyDatmultiphyDat: class for multiple gene data
plot-multidna-ANY-methodDisplay multidna objects
readfilesRead multiple DNA alignments
rm.gapsRemove gap-only sequences for missing data
show-multidna-methodDisplay multidna objects
show-multiphyDat-methodDisplay multiphyDat objects
subset.multidnaSubset multidna objects
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