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Example Datasets from Archaeological Research

AcheuleanSeven African Acheulean Sites
archdata-packagearchdata - Archaeological Data Sets
ArnhofenPoint pattern of mining pits from the Neolithic chert mine at...
BACupsBronze Age Cups from Italy
BarmoseI.gridFlakes per grid unit from Barmose I, South Zealand, Denmark
BarmoseI.ppPiece plotted artifacts from Barmose I, South Zealand,...
BornholmFemale Iron Age Graves, Bornholm, Denmark
DartPointsFive dart point types from Fort Hood, Texas, U.S.A.
EIAGravesEarly Iron Age Graves - Tell el-Far'ah, Palestine
EndScrapersUpper Paleolithic End Scrapers from Castenet A and Ferrassie...
EngrBoneUpper Paleolithic Engraved Bone Design Elements - Spain
ESASitesEarly Stone Age Sites - Norway
EWBurialsErnest Witte Cemetery, Austin, County, Texas, U.S.A.
FibulaeBronze La Tene fibulae from Munsingen, Switzerland
HandaxesLower Paleolithic handaxes from Furze Platt, Maidenhead,...
MaskSiteMask Site, Alaska, USA
MesolithicBritish Mesolithic assemblages
MichelsbergYounger Neolithic Pottery from Central Europe
NelsonPrehistoric Ceramics at Pueblo San Cristobal, New Mexico, USA
Olorgesailie.majMajor stone tool classes, Olorgesailie, Kenya
Olorgesailie.subStone tool subclasses, Olorgesailie, Kenya
OxfordPotsDistribution of Late Romano-British Oxford Pottery
PitHousesLate Stone Age and Early Sami Iron Age Pithouses in Arctic...
RBGlass1Romano-British Glass, Major and Minor Elements
RBGlass2Romano-British Glass, Trace Elements
RBPotteryRomano-British Pottery
SnodgrassHouse pits at the Mississippian Snodgrass site in Butler...
TRBPotteryNeolithic TRB Pottery from Demark
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