extractDataFrame.ParameterCelSet: Extract data as a data.frame for a set of arrays

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Extract data as a data.frame for a set of arrays.


## S3 method for class 'ParameterCelSet'
extractDataFrame(this, addNames=FALSE, addUgcMap=TRUE, ..., drop=FALSE, verbose=FALSE)



Arguments passed to *extractMatrix().


If TRUE, the first two columns contain the unit names and the group names according the the CDF, otherwise those two columns are not included.


If TRUE, the columns following the unit and group names contains the (unit, group, cell) index map.


See Verbose.


Returns a Jx(2+3+K) data.frame where J is the number of units, and K is the number of arrays. The first two columns, if addNames=TRUE, contains the unit names and the group names. The next three columns contains the (unit, group, cell) index map. The last K columns named by the arrays contain the data for the K arrays. No names are set for the rows. The rows are ordered according to units arguments.


Henrik Bengtsson

See Also

*extractMatrix(). For more information see ParameterCelSet.

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