if (interactive()) library("");
verbose <- Arguments$getVerbose(-8, timestamp=TRUE);

verbose && enter(verbose, "Removing all generated data");

verbose && cat(verbose, "This will *not* remove annotation data or raw data sets.");

# Root directories to be removed, iff existing
paths <- c(

# Identify which exists
keep <- sapply(paths, FUN=isDirectory);
paths <- paths[keep];

if (length(paths) > 0) {
  paths <- selectMenu(paths, selected=TRUE, title="Root directories to be removed");
  verbose && cat(verbose, "Root directories to be removed:");
  verbose && cat(verbose, paste(paths, collapse="\n"));
  for (kk in seq(along=paths)) {
    path <- paths[kk];
    verbose && enter(verbose, sprintf("Root directory #%s ('%s') of %s", kk, path, length(paths)));
    removeDirectory(path, recursive=TRUE);
    verbose && exit(verbose);
  } # for (kk ...)
} else {
  verbose && cat(verbose, "No root directories available. Skipping!");

verbose && exit(verbose);

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